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7/30/2005 8:54 pm

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Do you see me? Can you feel me watching you, my eyes focused upon your every moment?
Gazing, listening, attentive to your ever want and need, luring, seducing, drawing you away from the safety of the light into a web of fire and passion like nothing you could ever imagine.

Are you sleeping? Letting your dreams wander into shadow, seeking the pleasures you have denied for so long?
Aching, longing, searching to fulfill a yearning that has burned inside you, crying, sobbing, through tear-soaked eyes for a way to that which has eluded you yet caused you untold suffering in the loneliness of the night.

Won't you trust me? Are my words so frightening, that your heart, which craves my touch so much, scares you away?
Reaching, touching, fleeing from the promises of emotions deeper than anything you have dared to show, Moaning, gasping, embracing the heat of the passion as it builds inside you but until this moment, just a secret desire burning inside you.

Kiss me? Can't you taste the warmth of my lips against your flesh, my hunger and passion dizzying you into madness?
Feeling, inhaling, tasting the intoxicating scent of your release and the sweat of your flesh against my own, rising, falling, lost to the intensity of everything we share together, so unaware of the laws of morality that seek to shield lost souls from the richness of my offering.

Dare you embrace me? Wrap your body around me and let me carry you away to places the world of light dare not show?
Together, momentarily, enjoying only a moment for eternity can exist for just one of us, fearful, frightened, afraid to look beyond now and see all that you will suffer should you stay hidden within a cocoon of broken dreams and lost hopes, tortured forever of what could have been.

Just one step closer? So close that my every thought echoes inside your mind and heart, drawing you closer.
Erupting, exploding, releasing all that has been held inside you, letting it sing out to the universe, filling, invading, spreading through all things so that every part of creation may relish in our ecstasy and know that only you could offer my hunger such sustenance.

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