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7/6/2005 11:59 pm

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After 10 years I ran in to my best friend from highschool. We did everything together back then.

We started talking and talk some more (with a couple of drink) and the more we talked the similar our lives became.

We both have the same way of living, easy talker, well-educated, workaholic, lot of friend but no one real close, always late for meetings etc. etc.

Now I'm wondering.

Do we life almost the same live because we did everything together back then or did we do everything together because we had so much in common.

Fact is that it is always nice to meet old friends, see what happened with them and have a good laugh.

Now we are going out together next Saturday and try to find out if we still can party the same way we did back then.

Liefs Luvu

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