What was your coldest sexual romp?  

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2/12/2006 12:46 am

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What was your coldest sexual romp?

I was at a friend’s house for a remodeling party. They had just remodeled their old country farmhouse. Walking and talking with the guests I met a lady which eventually led us to talking alone in a corner of the room. We hit it off and decided to take a walk outside by ourselves.

February in the northern climes it gets quite cold, the temperature around 25 degrees F and it started snowing. Behind the farmhouse was an unheated shed that was used to store furniture and other items so they owners had room to remodel. We snuck inside the shed and by now we were horny and hot for each other. Looking around we found a mattress, covered with a blanket, lying up against the wall. I put the mattress on the floor and we wasted no time in taking each other’s clothes off. It was so cold, we were head to tow in goose-bumps and our teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

The shed was unheated and it was a cold in the shed as it was outside. We wrapped up under the one blanket all goose-bumped and shivering. But once we started caressing each other and enjoying each other it was amazing how hot it quickly got.

Our skin was at first cold to the touch. Holding her head in my hand I started kissing her cheeks, behind her ears and down her neck. She shivered with intimacy and cold. I continued to her breast, her breasts were full of goose-bumps, sucking and pulling gently on her erect nipples. Goose-bumps from the cold ebbed. I felt the folds of her womanhood and she was warm and moist. I moved my head down beneath her place of beauty and began to kiss her inner thighs, slowing moving up until I could taste her drops of joy. I nippled, sucked and kiss her juicy swollen lips and tongued her luscious clit. She grabbed my head and held it there moaning, yeah, yeah, yeah....

I brought her to the edge of ecstasy when she pushed my head away. She kissed my lips and gently bit them as she started down my neck and chest. She held my member gently and blew warmly along the shaft. She slowly took the tip into her mouth and sucked and licked. She stopped and looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and then went back to giving of pleasure. She took me in as far as her mouth could take. Then she laid down on the mattress and pulled down on top.

I slowly entered her tight creamy pussy. Amazing how we forgot how cold it was in the shed and how hot we were. I was playing her accordion of love, in and out, in and out, in and out until we both hit our high notes. We rolled to our side as we enjoyed our romp.

Oh, how cold it was in that shed, even under the blanket. We began to shiver again, fill up with goose-bumps, and teeth chattering. But tonight, the evening was not through. She took the lead, and we had one more romp under the covers, on the mattress in an unheated shed in the middle of winter. After the second romp, again we filled up with goose-bumps again and we began to shiver uncontrollably once more, we quickly put on our clothes and went back to the heated house.

What was your coldest experience?

caressmewell 53F

2/12/2006 7:35 am

Camping on top of a mountain in February. It was cold but it was also hot.

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