The Angel of my dreams  

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2/14/2006 2:56 am

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The Angel of my dreams

....walking softly, she entered into the bedroom. She paused for a moment as I gazed at the site of this lovely woman. She wore a white blouse, opened except one button and a white thong. Above the button her bosom hidden by her blouse, her cleavage exposed, her pink nipples lightly shown through the white silk.

She summoned me to here with slow gentle flicks of her finger as she floated toward me.

I obeyed. I eased myself up from my bed and with my eyes began to devour her form, her radiance, her eyes. I was under her control. She was like an Angel.

The moment seem to last a lifetime as we gazed into each others eyes. She whispered, "touch me, touch my lips, my cheeks, my hair, feel my hair, touch me."

I was numbed by her voice, my arms felt heavy, as I reached to softly touch her lips with my finger. She kissed my finger.

I stroked her cheeks, ran my finger across the slight arch of her eye brows, as a shiver went through me. I kept running my fingers through her flowing, shoulder length hair. Her hair soft as the finest silk.

She spoke again, "my bosom awaits you."

I feel my hands grow cold for the moment. Nervously, I move my hands slowly to her shoulders. My hands warm. My hadns slowly descend along each side of her opened blouse, tracing the inner edge of her breasts, her cleavage. Her pink nipples show as bumps through her silk blouse.

She looks at me and smiles as she unbuttons her blouse. "They await you," she muttered.

Taking my time to enjoy the moment, I cupped each of her round breasts admiring there form. Their firmness, smoothness of which I've never held before. With my fingers, I trace around her nipples, they're pink, they're erect, they're... I lost in heaven.

I breathed slowly across her nipples, my tongue discovering her areola, my fingers playing with her nipples. She moans. I suckle her nipples, the feel, the taste, I'm nowhere, nobody, she has me, I'm hers. I'm caressing, tongueing, and sucking her breasts, she throws her back and moans. While caressing her breasts, I gently turn her breasts inward together so I can suckle and tongue and taste her nipples, both at the same time. My mouth engulfs both her nipples and my tongue dances around them.

She leans forward and kisses my head. She takes my hand and guides it toward her moist folds of womanhood. Under her thong, she is wet, full of desire, an Angel from heaven. I run my fingers along the folds of her lips, interpreting her love, her desire. I pull her thong to the floor. She raises one leg and then the other and thong is gone. Into her deepest flesh, I insert my finger slowly, turning my finger, and running it in and out she begins to shudder, her moaning, louder.

With gentle firmness she pushes my head down, down toward her intimate pleasures. I inhale, smelling her sweet musk. I kiss her, taste her, wanting her to flow with juices from ecstasy. She holds my head tight to moist, swollen lips, her form shuddering, ready to climax...


My damn alarm clock wakes me up. I lean forward and slap the knob on the alarm. I rub my eyes for a moment to relive the dream.

Upset by the interupted dream, I throw my head back onto my pillow and reflexively sit up immediately. YUCK!!!

My pillow is full of drool.

Babel__Fish 45F

2/14/2006 3:21 am


Sorry about your dream but this IS a great story!


Ps. Happy Valentines day

caressmewell 53F

2/14/2006 12:34 pm

I hate not finishing a dream, especially an erotic one.

Happy Valentines Day

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