After Dinner Dessert  

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2/16/2006 4:53 am

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After Dinner Dessert

We had finished dinner, sipping our last drops of wine, she reached across the table with both hands to hold mine. We held each others hands for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. Her eyes sparkled.

Slowly we rose from the table while standing embraced each other and began a slow dance. Each with one arm on the others shoulder, the other arm around each other's waste. We gazed into each others eyes sensing a longing, yearning for something we both needed, both wanting. As we danced our mouths found each other in a passionate kiss. Her lips sweet.

Our slow dancing moved us slowly from the dining room towards the bedroom. As we slowly waltzed the course to the bedroom we left a trail of clothing behind on the floor.

I put on some soft music and turned on soft lights. The steps to our dance slowed to a sway. In the buff, we held each other close, cheek to cheek, warm skin upon warm skin. I began to slowly kiss the back of her neck. My hand caressing her rounded breasts, I felt her erect nipples. As she moaned, she reached down to her pussy and began rubbing it. Our dancing turned to small gyrations.

As I leaned down to kiss her breast, to suckle her nipples, she put my hand to her pussy. She was moist, hot, full of desire, ready. She grabbed my member, gently pulling on it, rubbing it, playing with the precum between her fingers.

We were primed, ready, hot, romantic, and for a moment we went back to dancing holding each other close, skin to skin, cheek to cheek, we neared the edge of the bed and fell on it.

I glided my hand down by her steaming pussy and played with her nub. Sliding a finger into her, she was creamy, delicious. I caressed her OM-G-spot, her hips moved back in forth, her head swayed side to side as the electricity shot through her body, she moaned in ecstasy. She hit the big "O", she'd "O'd".

She grabbed my penis and held it, she looked into my eyes and said, "I want you, I want you inside me."

Slowly I entered her, slowly, slowly I slid deeply into her. She engulfed me. She was moist, hot, creamy, her sheathed gripped around my pens. I savored the moment. I didn't thrust for awhile. I remained motionless in her. I wanted the sensation of her creamy, hot, gripping sheath to last! And still I remained motionless in her. We gazed into each other's eyes again. Her breasts pink. Nipples erect. She grabbed my hips. I began to thrust ever so slowly, drawing my penis out very slowly and entering back in slowly until she again engulfed me. I felt the entire inside length of her love canal along my shaft. Slowly out, slowly in, slowly out I continued. I paused again, deep inside her soaking up her, soaking up her sensations. Again, I returned thrusting slowly in, slowly out, and slowly in until I shuddered in ecstasy and came, squirting, squirting my love juices in her.

I remained inside her, her love canal gripping me, moist, creamy, our gaze fell to a long embrace. We continued to hold each other for awhile, feeling our skin, enjoying our sensations, the feelings.

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