The Infamous First Post  

rm_luv4ever104 29F
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5/2/2006 5:08 pm
The Infamous First Post

I hope this post detires noone from reading what I have to write, but I still feel it nessasry to get introductions out of the way before I open myself up in writing. So, here I am.

The basics: I am 18, a senior in highschool, and will be graduating in just over a month now. I turn 19 in 3 months... not a huge deal, but it's important to me. I am active, I have done swim, band, dance, gymnastics, and many other things. Although I am only really good at siwm and band.

A little bit deeper: I am young and inexperianced. I am a christian, even if a go to some extreames I try to be "good"...but what is good really? I am a little rebelous in theory, but haven't lived any of it out. I have never been drunk, I want a tatoo, I want to move out, I wonder if any of it will ever happen.

Out of view: I am inexperianced. I was planning on waiting until I was married to have sex, and I let "everyone" down when I didn't. I am in a commited relationship with my love and would never do anything to hurt him. I haved asked him if I could ever do anything with another man and he said NO. What can I say... Instead to braoden my sexual experiance I am looking toward another female. Something he, like most guys, is compleatly okay with.

Conclusion: There is a lot more but this should be enough to let some people into my world. I don't know what direction this blog will take so make sure to read more then one thing by me before dismissing it.

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