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9/5/2005 1:21 am

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uncle Joe

Uncle Joe

As I said we had a bit of a party at my mum’s place the other weekend. It was ok, but the most of the people were much older than me, around my mum’s age. So I starting talking to Joe, I’ve always called him uncle Joe. Joe’s brother is married to my mum’s sister, does that make him an uncle? Joe’s in his early 40’s but doesn’t look much over 30 (doesn’t act it either). Anyway we were having a few drinks and he said he was bored too, and suggested we go to the pub and play some pool. I said yeah that would be great. We went to the pub and had a great time, we owned the table just about all night thanks mostly to Joe.
Just after midnight I said I had had more than enough to drink and was ready to go. Joe said he didn’t live very far away and that I could crash there if I wanted. I said that would be good cause mum will want me to help clean up after her party and I wasn’t very keen on that so off we went.
We arrived at Joe’s place, it was quite dark outside and there were no lights on inside. He told me as we went through the front door that hallway light was broken, he grabbed me by the hand and said watch your step. We walked to what must have been the end of the hallway and into the loungeroom, I tripped over something and Joe caught me. He held me close and we kissed, and then we kissed some more. Joe started to rub my back and then he worked his way down to my bum. I don’t even remember how but we soon were both standing naked, but then Joe just pushed me backwards and I remember falling (and panicing) until I landed in a big plush loungechair. Joe wasted no time getting to his knees and kissing the inside of my thighs. He expertly guided my legs over the arms of the chair and headed straight for my pussy with his tongue. He started to frigg me with his fingers and pulling on my nipples with his other hand, I was loving all the attention, he never stopped moving his fingers or tongue and he soon pushed me over the edge. Joe’s fingers kept roaming and he soon had some in my bum as well my pussy, that with his tongue on my clit felt fantastic.
I felt it was now time to return the favour, I pushed Joe away and pulled him to his feet. The room was still pitch black, I started to run my hands up Joe’s legs and then across his stomach all the way to his chest. I leaned my face in towards Joe’s crotch and then I felt his cock on my cheek. It was hanging down long and limp, I then traced my tongue from his stomach down the shaft to the head of that wonderful bit of flesh. I opened my mouth wide and took almost all of him in, it was quite thick and still not hard yet. I took joe’s cock slowly in and out my mouth and felt it grow and grow, I love that feeling of a cock swelling in your mouth. It didn’t take Joe long to get hard and when he was I could only fit about half in my mouth.
Just when I was starting to get a rhythm on Joe’s big cock he pushed me back down in the chair and pulled my bum to the edge of the seat. He got on his knees and spread my legs back over the chair. Joe started to rub his cock up and down my now very wet pussy and then in one long slow movement he pushed it in, inch by inch until I could feel his hips on my bum. It took my breath away, he pulled all the way out and then pushed slowly all the way back in again. Joe kept fucking me slowly with one hand thumbing my clit and the other hand caressing my breasts. I was in heaven and I wasn’t being quiet about it either. Joe built up the pace and starting fucking me harder with those long strokes and one orgasm just started to flow into the next.
Joe soon slowly withdrew his cock and pulled me to my feet, my head was spinning, but he had no sooner turned me around and pushed me face first in the loungechair. I was now kneeling on the chair with my arse in the air feeling very vulnerable. Joe quickly had his cock in position and eased it in once more. It felt even bigger now, I had to put my hand on his hip to make sure he wasn’t going to slam me with it straight away. I think he understood and got into a steady rhythm, Joe guided my own hand to my little button and my head was in the clouds again. Joe’s fingers did some walking again and he had soon wormed a finger into my arse, that really sent me over the edge, luckily the chair muffled my screams.
Joe soon pulled out and turned me around in the chair, as I sat there in the dark I soon felt the warm droplets of his come on my chest. I licked the rest of his come from his cock.
We finally turned the light on and we had a cup of coffee and talked, we went to bed had sex again and again late in the morning. I think Joe’s cock woke up before either of us.
I felt a little uncomfortable in the morning when I got up, I don’t know what Joe will think of now (a whore?) I don’t know. I said I was going home to help mum clean up and called a cab. When I got to the front door I tried the hallway light, it worked, I said nothing and left.

HughJarse2000 47M

9/8/2005 10:27 am

errr ok !

sex with relatives ? even if you're not related ! just sounds so bad !!

naughty girl !

rm_Tarzan3333 46M
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9/15/2006 9:28 pm

Way to go Joe! lol... reading that little encounter of yours there seems that Joe is a bit of a legend

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