What to do?  

rm_luking4a5h4g 32M
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1/10/2006 6:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What to do?

Well, where do I start?
I got a phone call from my ex this morning, she was crying her eyes out. She had a dream last night, not sure what it was she didn't explain. Anyway she misses me, when she woke up this morning she was upset and looking for me to be with her. She asked me if I loved her, of course I said yes, cos I do. She may have hur me and upset me, but she's still special to me. She said she loves me, and isn't sure if she want me back, but she wants to talk about us getting back together. She's busy today, but she's coming round to see me tomorrow. I tried to be strong on the phone and not go running back to her, and I keep telling myself that it wont work out, but. I can't get her off my mind, I keep thinking about seeing her tomorrow, throwing my arms around her, giving her a kiss, even more. I know she's going to be ringing my doorbell before I get up, so that'll probably mean that she will want to get in the shower with me (you can probably imagine where this is going).
I have work that needs doing, but I just can't seem to focus, I keep going back to thinking about her. I'm happy, I think I've finally got her back. No I havn't I keep telling myself.
I want some time to myself, I want to get out of uni, get out of life, I have so many people relying on me for different things. I just want to put everything on hold and be able to know that everything will be exactly the same when I get back.
Oh well I'll let you know how it goes, on Thursday though cos tomorrow is NO BLOG DAT for Todd.

rm_luking4a5h4g 32M
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1/10/2006 8:22 am

Is she trying to get out of it now?
I got a text from her asking if she hs to come round to mine in the morning cos she has to get back to uni to do work. But by coming to mine she'll get back to uni quicker and cheaper, cos otherwise she'll have to get a 2+ hour bus journey, where as by coming with me she can just jump into my car and we can go together.

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