Losing my virginity  

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2/5/2006 1:33 pm

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Losing my virginity

The following is a work of fantasy, I really did have this fantasy, but this is not how I lose my virginity.

I was 15 at the time, most lads that age will have had a crush on one of their teachers, and like most lads so did I. It was Miss Kelly, my maths teacher, being brighter than all in my school I received extra attention from her with my studies. Most lads fancied her, although some for different reasons. I didn’t know much about bra sizes then, but now I can guess that they must have been E’s easily. I wasn’t sure whether I preferred her to wear skirts so I could look at her legs, or pants so I could look at her ass. She usually wore open neck tops, so when she sat at the front of the class marking work we could get a good look down her breasts. Anyway, this one day she asked me to stay behind after class, of course I agreed. When my class mates had left she asked me to help her get some stuff out of the stock cupboard, so in we went, which is where it all started. She pointed out some boxes on the top shelf she wanted, I turned round and got them for her, and placed them on the side.

“Oh I need this aswell.”

She said as she leaned over me to get a box from behind my head. She pressed her breasts into my chest. There was nothing I could do except look down at her cleavage. I never noticed her perfume before, but then I’d never been this close to her before. It was subtle, but I felt like I could have wrapped myself up in it. I could feel my cock starting to bulge, she got the box she wanted and turned round to root through it. As she bent over she pressed her ass against my cock and started teasing it, I bit my lip and closed my eyes, I let out a small moan. Oh crap did she hear that? Suddenly the feeling if her ass on my pants changes, it feels more defined. I look down to see her skirt has been lifted up, with her commando ass rubbing against me. My cock springs to life, its harder than its ever been, and the urge just comes over me. I undo my pants, and shove my cock deep into her pussy. I grab her hips while I pound away at her pussy, not caring for the moment, just wanting to explode in her, losing my virginity to her. I feel my cock swell as I release my juices into her. She pulls her self off me, and turns around stepping out of her skirt. She then goes down and starts sucking my cock, now devoid of life. I feel horny, more aroused than I’ve ever been, but its no use, I’ve had my moment. She carries on sucking me, cleaning me. She stands up, and takes her top off, showing me the whole of her fabulous cleavage, sat there in her black bra. She pulls me close, and kisses me, then takes my tie off and undoes my shirt. She wraps her arms around me, and thrusts me against her pussy, her ginger pubes tickle mine. Her breasts push against me again as our lips lock in deep kissing, I run my hand through her auburn hair. I love red hair, it does things to me. She digs her nails into my ass, they sting, but it feels nice. I slide my hand up her back and reach her bra, I decide to let them roam free so undo it. Typically its my first bra so fumble and can’t do it. It was worth it though, she laughed and stepped back to undo it herself, I saw her breasts drop out from their restraints. My cock stood to attention immediately, so where her nipples. I grab her breasts, and run my hands over them, her nipples spring back into place as my hands pass over them. We start kissing and I put my hands back on her hips, and slide them down her thighs to her black stocking tops. I lick my lips and go towards her nipples, I start clumsily sucking on them, not knowing what I’m supposed to do. She pushes me off her, and directs me to lie down on the floor, she sits astride me and guides my cock back into her pussy. This time its wet, I hadn’t noticed before, it slides in to much easier this time. She slowly rides me, lifting herself almost off my cock, then dropping back down. I play with her breasts, as she massages my balls. She starts moaning, and getting faster. I start thrusting up into her, my balls banging against her ass. She leans forward and stops riding me, telling me to carry on. I bang away at her pussy, she starts screaming, then she cums all over my cock. I can’t hold it any longer I explode in her again, but I keep thrusting, trying to work every last drop out of my cock. She lifts her self off me.

“Its clean up time.”

She turns around and places her pussy over my face, while she cleans my cock with her tongue. I lie there staring at her gingerness, transfixed by its beauty. I lean forward to taste it, I lap up our juices. The smell of her pussy has me wanting more, but its over. As she starts to get dressed she says

“I may ask for your help again tomorrow.”

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2/5/2006 8:27 pm

I guess I'll have to create a fantasy to mask my own inept first time...

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