A mistake part 2  

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A mistake part 2

"You bastard!", the pain rushes to my head and all goes black as I fall to the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I yell

"You shagged Beckie!" He lunges at me again, I roll out of the way, jump up, and grab him. Being almost 18inches taller than Karl I quickly over power him and pin him to the ground.

"It was an accident, and I didn't shag her, in fact when she realised it was me she got upset."

"Oh yeah, how can you have sex by accident." He struggled to get out from under me.

"We didn't have sex, she just made a mistake, it was dark, she picked the wrong sleeping bag, thats all."

"Yeah, I bet you enjoyed it though."

"No, as soon as I woke up, I told her, and she left me. Then the next morning she came to me, telling me how bad she felt, how sorry whe was, how you mean everything to her and she doesn't want to lose you over a stupid mistake."

"Why did you keep it secret then?"

"Cos you had your certs to do, and didn't to put you off, we both said that we've got to tell you."

"Whatever, it was 3 weeks ago, you had plenty of time to tell me. How many more times have you fucked her?"

"I havn't, it was just that once, didn't yuo beleive her when she told you?"

"She didn't tell me, Janice did."

"Janice? How did Janice know?"

"I didn't ask, its not important, the fact is, you are my best friend, I come to you with everything, and you fuckin sleep with beckie behind my back."

"Actually Karl, it was a blowjob, and as soon as I woke up, I told her it was me and she left. She got mixed up which side of the tent we were in, nothing more. Now calm down, and I'll let you up. Ask her youself, and you'll see I'm telling the truth."

"I'm not going to see her till tonight, and you'll ring her and tell her what to say."

"For fucks sake Karl, why are you so suspicious? It was an accident, nothing more has been said about it."

"Yeah well, get off me."

I release my grip on him, and let him stand up, he pushes me away and sulks off. I feel a sting on my face, and feel, its warm and sticky. There's blood on my hand, I laugh and goto the bathroom to clean up.




"Seen Beckie yet?"

"No, why? Where are you going?"

"I'm on my way home from work, you know that place where you nearly killed me this afternoon."

"Yeah well, serves you right for keeping it from me."

"We were gonna tell you, it just didn't seem like the right time How would you have reacted if one day I just said oh by the way beckie gave me a blowjob, it was great, didn't cum though."

"Fuck off." He shakes his head at me.

"Karl, be gentle with her. Did you find out how Janice knew anyway."

"Yeah, her boyfriend said Beckie told her."

"Oh, ok."

Beckie comes running over from the store where she works.

"Hey babe, ooh what happened to you." She says

"Karl happned to me." I say shaking my head.

"What, you told him?"

"No, Janice told me actually, looks like I can't trust either of you."

"What, Janice? She doesn't know though, I've not told anyone."

"Yeah like I can trust you."

"You may not Karl, but why would she tell her?"

"I've not, I swear, what do you know."

"Everything." He says

"I'm sorry, it was an accident." She throws her arms around him, "I love you, more than anything, I just got the wrong side of the tent, thats all."

A phone rings, Karl answers.

"No, I've not seen them yet, why" He signals to us that the person is asking about us.
"What difference does that make?...... You know you said that they'd slept together, when was it?....... What? In my bed? How do you know?...... Just a sec." He puts his hand over the mouthpiece and says to Beckie.

"She says that you told her you slept with him last week in our bed."

She snatches the phone off him

"I'm gonna fucking kill you, why are you spreading lies about me. Fuck off and leave us alone......gggrrrrrmmpphh, thats it I'm coming round."

She throws the phone at Karl

"Come on lets go!"

"Where are we going?" He enquires

"To her's I'm gonna stab her."

"Beckie, I say, don't its not worth it, just go home with Karl, and argue, and talk, then cry, then argue some more it'll be ok. Then tomorrow Karl can come and try to kill me again, when he finds out why we were together last week."
I smile at her, and say
"Karl, you are very lucky, you know, you can try again tomorrow."
I walk away looking forward to a nice night in.

I'm just switching the TV off, and getting ready to goto bed when my phone rings.


"You sneaky git." Comes Karls voice from the other end.

"What?" I try and fein innocence

"Is that why you wanted to borrow my watch?"

"Is what why?" I feel a big smile come across my face, but try to hide it from my voice.

"Come on, you know, she's just asked me to marry her." He says excitedly, his voice is a little horse, they must have had a loud arguement.

"Oh, congratulations mate."

"You knew, thats why you were togethe last week, you were getting the watch fitted."

"Yeah, well do you like it?"

"Yeah, its almost as pretty as Beckie."

"So all is forgiven and understood then?"

"Yeah, Janice didn't know anything, she just made it up, cos she knew that she was going to propose, and she wanted her boyfriend to propse first so she started the lie."

"Well, you know who you can trust, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I'll take you to the lion tomorrow."

"No, its understandable, I'd do the same if it were me. Save the drinks you owe me for your stag night though, the drinks and strippers are cheap in Amsterdam."

"Amsterdam, what?"

"Its all planned, everyone has agreed to pay, just need to set the date."

"Everyone, who's everyone."

"Frankie, Paul, Bigsy, Potter, Sam, Bennet, and Stinky."

"They all knew.. is that why they have been talking about strippers, and singing the wedding tune?"

"They always talk about strippers. Anyway, I've got an early shift tomorrow so I've got to go, and if I remember correctly, you have some making up to do with a future mrs cartwright."

"We've already done that, shes off in the kitchen getting some whipped cream or something."

"Thanks, I wanted to know that."

"Oh, by the way, do you mind if I ask?"


"You know the blowjob?"


"Did you enjoy it?"

"Not really, I was asleep."

"Its ok, you can be honest."

"No Karl, as soon as I realised I told her to stop."

"Ok, she's coming back anyway."

"Ok, night"

"Night" I put the phone down, and go to bed.

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