On the beach  

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12/6/2005 10:56 am

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On the beach

Its night, and there's a cool wind biting off the sea. The stars are bright, the moon whispering behind low clouds. We've stopped the car. Its so dark we fall over tuffs of grass, loosing our way, and only hear the call of the sea, pounding the sand. You and your friend grab each other, to stop falling, but you fall, somersaulting on the dunes, until you out of sight. I stumble down, and its suddenly black.

Everything is difficult to see. Then I see Jean is pounding you, he's got your panties down, and you are moaning, like you did this morning. He's leaner than I thought he was, and there's a grace to the way he slides into you, and your eyes are closed, but smiling. Before I know you have my pants off and ramming my cock into your mouth, licking and sucking it with a forceful ferocity, in rythm with Jean's pleasure.

The waves on the beach pound. The sand sings as the water swims back.

Jean and I look at each other. Dancing together with you, sweat glittering in our faces.

He moves out so he can just enter you, and play with your expectancy. You let your tongue linger, and you dribble your moisture, on me, your lips sliding up my chest, until your tongue is darting in my mouth, and Jean is slamming his cock hard in you again and again.

It is colder now. The wind has become harder. The sea breaking froth against the shoreline.

(end of part one)

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