This idiots getting on my nerve...  

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8/17/2006 10:57 am

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This idiots getting on my nerve...

When entering my blog today I found a little surprise… one of those comments no blogger will post, one of those guys who think all woman are bitches because they like sex or simply don’t understand how things actually work around here. It was CubanoCR who posted this and, even if I know it isn’t the most ethical to post names in here, he is the one who used his very own first post to comment on me, this is not my fault!

The commentary goes like this:

"Hello Lucy
Apparently, as we Cubans say: You aren’t film but roll
(You’re full of shit, on a proper translation) because, at the end of the day, you never get into anything with anyone; if you want to know what a good fuck is I’m waiting for you, same as the rest of the girls who read this, I’ll wait for them and specially for you, to see if you are as hot as you say”

Well, U know what?

I have deal with guys like U before, the same thing happened to me with a certain pelgrimache once, he just couldn’t leave me alone! It has happened to me in other blogs before… I could simple erase your message and ban you but truth is: U got on my nerve!!! I’m tired of you!!! For stockers like U is that people leaves these sites!!! If I have never answered your messages is because I have my reasons!!!! Your mustache gets me sick already!!!

If I haven’t answered any of the fucking twenty messages you have sent me it’s because I AM NOT INTERESTED!!! If I did not accept your network invitation it’s because I AM NOT INTERESTED!!! And, by this time, I have like 60 friends already; you are the ONLY person I haven’t accepted!!! Read my profile, I made more than explicit in there that I am not interested on meeting anyone from here and even if I did, why TF would it have to be you???!!!

Just look at the commentaries people leaves on blogs, not only mine but all around, on the people that are my friends, if I haven’t answered the delicious crsurfergirl nor have I tried to hook up one of the smart, funny, good looking guys that come into my blog, why the hell shall I do it with U??!! What do you think makes you so fucking special??
U should thank the Lord that I am simply answering your comment and not directly attacking you: the comment I just made about your mustache will be JUST the beginning, I mean, MY FATHER stopped growing his mustache like that 20 years ago!!!

Let’s get this straight: My blog shall not be used to send me any kind of messages nor making publicity about how good you are in bed. Get over it already!!! Aren’t you tired of sending me messages and invitations and getting no answer!? In addition, my ass is MINE, and if I want to fuck a girl at a bar or turn to celibacy it’s my own business!!! I give a dime about your challenges; I have nothing to demonstrate to you. Hopefully, my answer will be clear enough, hopefully you’ll realize now… and for God’s sake… Get off my back!!!

I sincerely apologize to the people who came to visit my blog today and found this message... I certainly hope this doesn’t happen again... Love,


IrazuEviL 37M
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8/17/2006 4:34 pm



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