Ten things U should do  

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8/19/2006 6:27 am

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Ten things U should do

Saturday morning, 6 am to be specific... I'm in front of his laptop, a cup of "Liquid Tylenol" next to me and feeling like crap again...
He's half sleep in bed, snoring and his smell floods the bedroom, he's got this particular smell... so him... I smell like me and him together.

What's the story behind all this and why did I want sooo bad to come post? Well... let's say this site is the friend in common who puts as together... as a plus, I just couldn't sleep anymore. I know I wasn't suppose to meet anyone from this site on real life, I'm not even replying mails lately but... there was something different about him, I'm not sure what yet but at least he wasn't asking me my bra size! LOL

(which is not huge, I might add)

There are, at least, ten things U should do (or let someone do) when U have the flu and want to be spoiled:

1) Leave job early. Go to your bosses office wearing no make-up, say U feel like crap and that U want to go home.

2) Been picked up. If your head is spinning your not suppose to drive, nor take cabs. Buses, trains? Don't even think about it!

3) Hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows. It's just the beginning of being spoiled, let someone take care of U for once in Ur life!!!

4) Movies in bed. It doesn't really matter if the movie is good or not since you'll end up sleeping anyways.

5) Get a massage. This is something U definitely can not miss when been spoiled, no further comments.

6) Very hot shower. Let him put the hot water on for U and then stay there as much as you want to, get out when U can't take it anymore, let your skin get red spotted from the heat.

7)Strawberries. Of course, U can trade them for something else, the all point is to have everything U want.

8 ) Trade secret.

9) Pizza and wine (in bed)

10) Will see later on...

Problem with #8 is we haven't finished it... Well.. I did! The thing is I'm more used to guys who haven't even seen me naked and are already hard, this one doesn't belong to that group... maybe it's the age ... maybe I do look like I feel (crappy) ... maybe I have sick breath! LOL (that's groose)... Truth is I would have jumped on me after seeing me coming twice! . I just think it is weird, a guy who can do you and doesn't... I don't know... I'll wait to see what his other "Trade secrets" are (he said count will come up to ten).

I also wonder what I'm doing here...
* Was it the fact that I had the flu and just wanted to be spoiled?
* Was it that I didn't want to go home stay all by myself in bed for two days?
* Is it that I really wanted to meet him?
* It is that he promised me "trade secrets" in order to make me feel better?

I guess will see what happens after he wakes up... or after I jump on top of him and wake him up!!!



rm_lucy_sesto 32F
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8/21/2006 8:08 am

    Quoting hombre4u4ever:
    Hola Lucy. Primero que todo lamento que estuvieras enferma, si sabre yo lo terrible que estar en enfermo y aun asi cumplir lo que debes . Aun asi es bueno saber que fuiste consentida y bien cuidada.
    Thanks for the advices.
    Cuidate y que pronto estes bien.
    Un beso de tu admirador

Thanks... I'm actually feeling a lot better now... It is true that I was spoiled... I just loved it!

Kisses for U too!


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