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5/15/2006 10:00 pm

has it beena year ? what has happened ? where have I been ? what have I done ? who did I see ? when did all that take place ? how was I to know ? I don`t have a clue where the time has gone.
Gone it is,for sure.Ain`t no getting it back.another year older,another year wiser? yea right!I am still me,and I still wonder who that is.
lost and wandering,I have only one regret,that I may have hurt the ones I meet,if you told me what to say,I still could`nt say it,if you told me what to do,I couldn`t fake it,cuz` I`m lost and wandering.
reckon thats where I`ve been,on the outskirts of town,waiting on the bus,alone in a crowded room,with nothing important to say,playing russian roullete without a trigger finger,in a hole,digging up.
HAHAhahahaa,It`s alright now,in fact its a blast,tomorrow we`ll all be another day older and another dollar deeper in debt,the intrest rates rising,the stock markets down,we`ll only get drunk when we go uptown
the worlds in a shambles,the country`s still at war,war from without,a war from within,nuclear rivals we dont want to see,imminent desruction is ready for me.On the tube lifes are told,the real storys are yet to unfold.
the year in review are my days of denial,fevered passions and hopes and dreams.No one can hear my silent screams,in the darkness of where I`ve been,the light of a new morning has only a slender chance of shinning in

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