What floats ur boat ! ?  

rm_lovyall3 51M
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8/30/2006 2:34 pm

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5/8/2008 2:22 pm

What floats ur boat ! ?

What floats ur boat!??? ....... well for me its having hard raw sex in public, whether its in a car park, a swingers club, an alleyway, in the woods, ANYWHERE ...... i love nothing better in a club or party where watching me put on a performance of my life ....... in fact i know it makes me work a little harder .... somehow i manage to muster up the sweat pouring off me, the echo of sex is a real turn on for me .
but what about u?? .... are u like me, ur natural performer or do u prefer to have sex in a 1:1 scenario?? .....

rm_XlntLady 50F
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8/31/2006 10:09 pm

Hey, Tony, welcome to Blogville! =)

I think we all know that you're a bit of an exhibitionist... lol

Xlnt wants it all - public and private - depending on her mood and her partner. Love being watched, love watching, but also love those special 1 on 1 moments with someone where you can spend time exploring each other.

See you and the lovely missus at the party! x

suiteladyuk 50F

9/3/2006 1:26 pm

Oh Tony .... dont think u need my thoughts here do u baby coz u know me better than i know myself!! ......

But give me performing in public ANYTIME!!

Just thought i should support ur blog baby!!

hotfudgemama 45

9/7/2006 3:17 am


hotfudgemama 45

9/10/2006 11:28 am

mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

georgej555 42M/41F

9/14/2006 1:43 pm

We love it in public. In fact, we're looking for somebody who wants to watch...

rm_lovyall3 51M
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9/21/2006 11:54 pm

i you lovly people, i think i am going to stage an outdoor party and your all welcome , at my nearest car park lol

rm_lovyall3 51M
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9/22/2006 1:10 am

ok i want to start an history blog ... from the start of my fun fucking swinging nine years ...
Started at IMPERIAL GARDENS IN camberwell,I was walking and found a flier on the ground and the same day i went to a shop and bought the neccesery leather toruses and a tight black tee shirt...
yes it was a fetish club! down a back alley way under the arches.
As i walked in they asked me if i had a change of clothing and i showed him what i had in my leather bag! so that got me in ...walking around looking at some very wonderful people , music banging it was all a rush and i loved it ...
This is where i had my first bi experience ... hold on i am not bi at all hear the rest of the story lol ...
ok a couple who i was chatting too for some time she started giving me a blow job in the toilets as you do ... then we moved into one of the cubicles with her husband.... she sat on the toilet with her husband and she continued sucking my cock.. as i cum she stuck my cock in her husbands mouth .... nooo !!!
it was all to late lol what is the etiquette , do i blow it up and beat him up ..
WHAT DO YOU THINK I DONE ???? or what you think i should of done ???

rm_lovyall3 51M
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9/28/2006 3:39 am

around the same time i meet the black goddess ... this big larger than life lady ran parties from EARLS court area , loads of people did turn up for these parties but they were not for me but because i was a friend i turned up regular to her venues ...
one weekend she took me to a house party that was held and Radlett, run by richard and janet.
I feel in love with the place was there every month for two years and meet loads of very nice people ...
this is when i meet linda .... linda is a tall 6 ft red head great person with a slim tight body and ass ...
One day we was going to meet and we was doing a bit of role play ...she was in a pub with a short denim skirt in the pub on her own .. the idea was for her to be picked up by a guy and then take him outside and give him a blow job when i tell her when i am outside so i can watch ..
i was outside watching and he never cum for ages so i rang her to tell him to hurry up and come ..
So she told him that he as to come no or she as to go. he asked why . she told him that the car across the road as got her boyfriend in it and he is watching so i flashed my car lights lol ... i see him looking then just as quick he shoots is load on her tits ... she loved it and we wanted to do it again ....
we tried but it failed because guys never bothered to approach her and we never done that again .. i was with linda for two years and we went from fetish into swinging but at this time the fetish was ending as the clubs we were going into we found to many gay guys and not enough action ..
one day she asked me if she can play with a guy .... i checked him out and he seemed ok. so i said it was ok .... but what happened i did not know about till too late ... she carried on seeing us both till i found out so without an argument i left them to it ...
i did hurt but i did not show it .... 6 years later they are still together so i am happy about that ... when you are a swinging couple and a trust is formed we are and can say to one another can i or we or you can play with a person for a reason because they are nice or they are sexy what ever ... as a couple when do u know its not right ... when do you feel they are still seeing the same person behind your partners back ...
so the question is... when do you feel that you are comfortable with your partner to let them go and play with a person of the opposite sex ?

nickxx1969 48M

2/10/2007 8:06 am

I must admit,i'm not really as adventurous as some of you guys
Lovyall,have you considered turning your 'adventures' into a movie!!!

My main 'fantasy' is seeing my woman dressed up,in nice lingerie.....all very 'normal' really

rm_XlntLady 50F
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8/5/2007 2:34 am

When do you feel that you are comfortable with your partner to let them go and play with a person of the opposite sex?

In polyamory (where I feel at home) we have this word: compersion. The ability to feel happy because your partner is happy. Just as I can feel joy at the thought of my partner going on a holiday, eating at his/her favourite restaurant or going to a party without me, I can rejoice in him/her having sex with someone else.

For this to work, though, I must feel that I am getting my needs satisfied too. If he never goes anywhere with me I won't sing and dance at the thought of him going on holiday with someone else. Likewise, if he fucks someone else instead of fucking me it doesn't work. If I'm shivering with pent up horniness and he's off fucking another woman whilst I'm alone in my bed I'm not gonna be a happy bunny.

But when we're happy together and we know who's "our primary" then we can both enjoy and explore various add-ons. Together and individually.

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