my first ever written fantasy!  

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1/3/2006 4:43 pm

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my first ever written fantasy!

After a few emails here and there, taking about looking for a long term fuck
buddy, (which is clean and shave) she finally agree to meet up for coffee.
She had a day leave and me as usual was free in the afternoons. we agreed
upon a coffee club and decided that we should have our lunch on our own

At around 1.30pm, i was sitting near the coner of the coffee club, this
lady(which i have never seen b4) was walking towards me. As i was all alone
near that coner, i though she was the one i was about to meet, my mind was
telling me that maybe the pic she posted on the web was just a cover up.

As she was nearing, i stood up to greet her. She was taken aback by my
movement, then she avoided me, her body movement telling i know u?
u must have got the wrong person....
At this time she has move pass me and ready to take a sit behind my table, i
could feel that blood was rushing to my face.

And as i about to turn back and take my sit again, she appear. Its her,
exactly like the pic on the web. she let out a cheeky laugh and i knew that
she saw what was happening to me just seconds before. What a way to break
the ice, i was thinking.

We order our drinks and started chatting away. Lots of kidding around and
laughing away. Time was flying past and soon 2hrs have gone by. She asked
what time do i need to pick up my wife and i reply about 9pm. She then let
out a smile and suggested if i would like to move away from here to a more
quite place. I agreed and we left. Walking towards my car, i ask her where
would she like to go now? Her reply got my 'boy' hot! "anywhere u prefer so
long its quite and private dear....." We got in the car and i decided to
drive to hotel 81.

After i close the main door in the room, and as i turn around, she wrapped
her arms around my neck and planted a kiss that was so deep and included a
very long darting tongue. I picked her up while we were still kissing and
laid her back on the bed. We started to undress each other quickly. Her hips
were fully supported by the edge of the bed but let her legs dangle. I knelt
on the floor, lifted her legs and put one on each of my shoulders. Leaving
her shaven wet glory open to my lips and tongue. Her hips rolled in pleasure
in response to my oral kiss. With my upper lip on her clit and the tip of my
tongue on her G-spot. I was able to stimulates her clit and G-spot. Her
pleasurable moans slowly increased until she sat up pressing my head against
herself, exploding in ecstasy. I drank in her sweet juices.

She stood me up and pushed me onto the bed. Falling back, my feet stayed on
the floor while the rest of my body; bent at the knee, lie on the bed. She
licked and sucked upon my mushrooming head while running the tips of her
fingers over my balls. Until she tasted my pre-cum, then thrust my dick into
her mouth. Deep throating me back up toward the end. Until her lips stopped
right at the base of the head of my dick. Her tongue then rolled in circles
around the tip of my dick that was still inside her mouth. Her right hand
was stroking me as her left hand caressed and played with my balls. Then she
would go down on me again and repeat the whole wonderful process. I soon
exploded with a load. Like a straw she suck all my juices down and wanted

Afterwards I pick her up and rolled her over onto the bad, and with words of
beauty I would speak of sensual love while caressing, and kissing her
nipples, lips and neck. She was moaning, and she guide me to be right on top
of her.

Staring tenderly into her eyes, my still hard and cum all over mushroom
head met her warm, soft, full of wetness pussy. She whisper into my
ears....... fuck me darling......pls.....fuck me like thats no tomorrow.....
with that invite i slide into her. She let out a loud moan,she tightened
onto my cock and almost pinched it off. After a while her juices were
flowing down my cock and drenching my balls as she thrust herself on me,
crying out each time in pleasure until she was climaxing again. At this time
i could not take it anymore and let out my second cumming into her!

Still she wanted more so she went on top of me riding me as if is her last
ride on earth.... another 10 mins later she decided its time for her
favorite doggy style position time. As i hold her lips open, tempting
me(like she needed to!) I drove into her for god knows how long until we
both came one last time together in ecstasy.

We just lie beside each other, catching our breath. We turn our heads to
each other, i gave her a kiss on her forehead, she told me she approve me as
her long term fuck buddy and she want to meet me at least once a week. We
got dress and after we took our dinner together at the nearby food centre, i
drove her back. After that session we decided that we shall not meet any1

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