CPR training without manikins  

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5/3/2005 11:14 am

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CPR training without manikins

Good morning

You enter the room with your knee pads and ready to learn CPR. You find yourself alone. The instructor comes into the room and asks, "Do you want to use manikins or just each other." You ask, "What does this initial?" He suggests to use each other because you can feel the presence of the hands locations and there is a lot of foreplay that takes place. Your body tingles with alittle excitement. And you agree.

To gain trust we start off talking about bloodborne pathogen concerning safe sex. (I meaning the instructor.) I show you condoms and vibrators. So far you agree to this and getting very aroused. Our next task is checking the body for any problems. First I will do it on you to show you how it is done. This is with clothes on. Again, to gain trust. I start from the head, massaging your temples/neck and shoulders, then you laying on your back, softly touching your breasts, your stomach, along both of your legs, feet, and then your personal area. You roll over to your stomach and do the same thing. Then you examined me. Your getting alittle more excited.

Our next step is checking for breathing so we kissed and checking pulse at the same time. Going through the motions of CPR but in a different way.

Next step is a conscious choking person, I stand behind you and feel your stomach, for obese or pregnant woman you perform this skill in the chest so I massaged and touched your nipples tenderly.

Next skill is CPR. In order for me to do CPR I need to take off your top of your body clothes. So I unbuttoned you slowly, touching any bare skin with my fingers/hands to ensure you are not getting chilled. You lay down onto the floor, I placed my hands in the proper location middle of your chest and lightly show you how to do CPR. Including licking your nipples and massaging them too. You did the same to me. Your starting to get wet and more excited to the what may come next.

Last step is unconscious choking. The lay person skill is the chest compression but the professional is the abdominal thrusts. So I took out a vibrator and massaged your pussy, came up to your mouth and looked inside it and then kissed you two times for mouth to mouth. Your getting so hot, excited, wet, because as I am kissing you the vibrator is still on your pussy massaging you up and down strokes with putting it inside you too.

At the end of the class...anything goes. What would you like to have happen at this time?

Would you like this done on your for real? Let me know for a private lesson. Location of your choice.

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