fantasy or fact? ................. fact!  

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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6/30/2005 4:45 am
fantasy or fact? ................. fact!

FACT - Between all the reading, and writing, and thinking about sex and thinking about you… I was so Very Worked Up after writing about my desires ‒ and all of the wonderful things you wrote - I just had THE MOST WONDERUL TIME. Wish you had been here to watch……… I had to go back to my bed room and I am not exaggerating when I tell you I just Absolutely had the best time I have ever had… In my whole entire life…. Honestly……… Unbelievable!! I tried something a bit different and it was because of reading this ‒ Sent to me by one of my friends “When a woman, laying on her back with a man fully penetrated, rhythmically squeezes and released his PC muscles, while the woman does the same in time, the feelings are incredible. There is no movement other than that generated by the flexing and releasing of these muscles. In addition, breathing should be in the same rhythm. The feelings of togetherness and closeness are unsurpassed. There is one soul, one vision, one consciousness when this happens. It Tran descends love making and becomes something far higher, far more intimate. I’ve never been closer to a person as when I did this.” And this other one ‒ “I have had some experience in prolonged, sitting on the brink of orgasm for hours of tantric sex. Then spending an hour lying on top of you with our entire bodies in skin on skin contact and being deep inside you and slowly pulling almost all way out and all the way back in and over and over slowly and deeply feeling the heat inside increase and the body heat increase and 2 souls connecting in a prolonged semi-orgasmic trance, pushing the brink over and over until the final uncontrollable climax.... omg! indescribable!!! I would definitely love to work in some slow, erotic doggy with you and curious how much you enjoy slow, hot anal... “ Soooooo, I was lying there, just starting out like usual ‒ Naked, warm vibe, great music (quite in the background), just holding the vibe so it was just touching my clit. I usually do this for about a minute or so and just pay attention to all of the intense sensations, Then I slowly slide it down to the opening of my pussy and usually I just go very slow, holding it there for another couple of minutes and then move it - always slowly - but with short strokes and then longer strokes and then back to slow short strokes. But this time I was so worked up from all of the thinking and writing, I was so very wet, and extremely sensitive, that I slid it all the way in, so the vibe could go no further. I was in such an incredibly high state of sensitivity, that I realized that I could just squeeze my pc muscles and get the most intense feelings of pleasure… All the way from where the vibe touched me at the end all the way up to my clit. So, what I did for about an HOUR, was to lay comfortably relaxed and just squeeze my pc muscles, while I held the vibe so it was in as far as it would go, and I also held it so it was touching everything from deep inside all the way up through my lips to my clit. What was happening was I felt like I was about to have an orgasm, It was that close, that intense, only I knew I wouldn’t because I was totally relaxed AND feeling these incredibly intense sensations. Oh man, it was so good I really can’t put it into words. I might just have to show you. Then what I did, was just move the vibe maybe an inch and The feelings were so much more intense than I have ever felt before, I was “Moaning with Every Breath” ‒ It felt so Incredibly Awesome, I Couldn’t Get Enough… I just lay there for an hour slightly moving the vibe and moaning with Every Breath coming faster. Then I licked my fingers, what an animal… and started sliding my fingers all around my clit and lips as I held the vibe in, just barely moving it. OH GOD IT FELT SOOOO GOOD. I was so wet and slippery and every thing just felt SO GOOD…. Can you imagine watching me doing this for an hour, and listening to me moan with every breath? I didn’t want to stop, because I had never felt this intense of a level of pleasure. I finally turned over on my tummy and what happened next was also the very best I have ever felt. I held the vibe with both hands. One hand holding the vibe so it was only about half way in, so when I moved - the vibe would slide in just a little and then almost all the way out. With the other hand, I pressed in on the vibe right where it was touching my clit. The hot slippery sensations of the vibe filling me and just sliding in and out at the opening of my pussy were also the most intense I have ever felt. The orgasms following all of this were higher and longer and stronger than ever and I could feel the electric sensations up my back and neck and across my shoulders and up to my head. After all of this, I just lay panting and my body was literally vibrating…


6/30/2005 8:29 am

Well done ....said!!!!!

Wish ....everything will go so ....find their looking ones .... and also share their thoughts also .... some might be interested ...some might not ..... but only that cares what we feel ...or interests our selves.

Have fun

Just Me --- EAGLE KK 2005

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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7/7/2005 5:10 am

I think compliments for the Thanks and
words you have a way with - interesting...
helping if I can I enjoy
the thought It is what counts


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