Not having any fun??? Want to make some friends???  

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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6/21/2005 6:46 pm
Not having any fun??? Want to make some friends???

Are you frustrated?? Not having any luck making the friends you want to…..

I have an idea how you might be more successful here, or at least have some more fun! Join a Group, or Start a Blog. Post in your blog or in others ‒ post in the groups of your choice and answer others posts. You can be as active as you like. The more you post, the better a chance you will have of letting people get to know you, and maybe make a friend or more.

To make a friend you have to be friendly Let people see who you are…

Go to the groups page and you can join many groups. You can find one you have things in common with, or just join some of the biggest groups. Post questions, and post answers to others.
You can also find out if there are others on your area that are current members of the groups. Just go to that groups page and in the upper right hand corner is a link to
“View All Members”
Once you are there you can sort the list by many different ways.
Handle / Thumbnail Age / Sex Profile Title / Location and
Date Joined.

Come on and get involved ‒ Have some fun. There are some very funny and clever people out there.

This will attract attention to your profile and then you will be more visible. And that can be a good thing….

So join a Group**********
Start a Blog**********

Go to the main Group page and check out the "Most Active Groups" There are lots of successful active groups that you can join and participate.

Or start your own Blog and get your imagination going. The really great thing about a blog is, if you don't like what you have written, you can edit it completely. This can be a very enlightening process.... At least yu can wark on yur spellink skillz. LOL

This is a way that everyone can get involved, and work on their socializing skills. There are lots of really great people out there, and this is a good way to see that.
If you just hang out and wait for someone to wink or write, you can get to be real frustrated.

I was thinking last night, after seeing a sign on someone's wall at work

"If what you are doing isn't working,
then change what you are doing"

That also made me thing about Dr. Phill, who's favorite thing to say to people that are having problems is
"How's that workin’ for ya?"

Any way,it's just a thought, I like to try to help, what else is there to do? hmmm

So, What do you have to say?

Come on, Have some fun get involved…..

Seriously, I just want you to have some fun and find what ever you are looking for


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