320 things about me  

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11/20/2005 7:06 pm
320 things about me

1. A beautiful singing voice can bring tears to my eyes.
2. At work I like to listen to techno or classic rock n’ roll.
3. Growing up, I wanted to live on a huge horse farm… I still do.
4. I am a country girl.
5. I am a lover not a fighter.
6. I am affectionate and love to touch and be touched.
7. I am afraid of meeting some one that is abusive or has a mental illness.
8. I am an INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving )
9. I am as horny now at 53, as I have ever been; I am horny all the time…
10. I am bad about writing letters.
11. I am extremely happy with my life...
12. I am far from perfect
13. I am generous with what I have.
14. I am happy with my life.
15. I am honest.
16. I am interested in finding out how to drive you wild………
17. I am interested in Healthy living.
18. I am interested in history.
19. I am interested in learning new things about you.
20. I am interested in learning new things.
21. I am interested in meditation.
22. I am interested in self improvement
23. I am interested in walking for health and for the enjoyment of nature.
24. I am interested in yoga
25. I am monogamous.
26. I am more relaxed now than ever before in my life.
27. I am not a city girl.
28. I am not afraid of heights, but they do give me a thrill.
29. I am not afraid of the dark, and love to go for walks in the woods at night.
30. I am not afraid of what others think of me.
31. I am not interested in glitz and glamour…
32. I am not interested in keeping up with the Joneses.
33. I am not into bondage,
34. I am not looking for a daddy and don't want to be your mommy.
35. I am of Scottish descent.
36. I am right-handed.
37. I am self-employed.
38. I am spiritual not religious.
39. I am the youngest of three siblings.
40. I am very forgiving of others mistakes
41. I am very independent and am not afraid of being alone.
42. I avoid negative people.
43. I believe that “it is what’s inside that counts” and is most important.
44. I believe it is ok for us to have separate friends, without that being a problem in a relationship. My friends will always be my friends…
45. I can do math without a calculator, just not as fast.
46. I can easily have multiple orgasms.
47. I can get by with very little.
48. I can play a guitar.
49. I can’t play the piano, other than chopsticks
50. I could have been divorced 4 times
51. I could have been married 4 times
52. I could have had 4 children.
53. I cry easily after emotional movies.
54. I cry if I see abuse of others, especially animals.
55. I dislike being late, however it happens sometimes.
56. I dislike carrying a purse.
57. I dislike exercising, but I try to do it 3x a week minimum.
58. I dislike fanatics of any persuasion.
59. I dislike G.Bush.
60. I dislike going to funerals.
61. I dislike going to zoo’s, pet shops and shelters to visit critters. The animals behind bars make me cry.
62. I really dislike large crowds of people. I avoid them.
63. I dislike shopping, I am not a big consumer.
64. I dislike unneeded hunting and killing.
65. I do enjoy reading about new inventions.
66. I do enjoy puzzles.
67. I do enjoy brain teasers.
68. I do enjoy beautiful sunsets.
69. I love this number.
70. I do enjoy seeing others enjoy themselves.
71. I do not have a college degree, but I have learned a lot from the school of life.
72. I Do Not like to argue.
73. I do not like to debate.
74. I do not like to shop for clothing for myself.
75. I do the best I can with what I have.
76. I don’t believe in organized religion.
77. I don’t drink much alcohol, just on rare occasions.
78. I don’t get PMS any more since I had a hysterectomy.
79. I don’t have any problems falling asleep.
80. I don’t post nude photos of myself online.
81. I don’t smoke.
82. I don’t talk incessantly… (really)
83. I am very organized in my work.
84. I don’t wear dresses.
85. I don’t wear thong underwear.
86. I don't go to bars to find friends
87. I don't like to cook.
88. I love my 1/2 ton 4X4 Pickup Truck.
89. I drove a VW van with a broken clutch for 500 miles ‒ I learned how to ‘double clutch” and it was fun to learn how to do it.
90. I enjoy listening to live music, 60s Revival, Alt Country, Alternative Rock, Be Bop, Big Band, BLUEGRASS, Blues, Bossa Nova, Calypso, CELTIC, Classic Country. Classical. Classical Guitar, CLASSIC ROCK & ROLL, Country Rock, Dance Music, Doo Wop, Easy Listening, Experimental, Folk, Honky Tonk, IRISH, HOUSE, Instrumental, Klezmer, New Age, Oldies, R&B, Reggae, Rockabilly, Salsa, Samba, Singer-Songwriter, Solo Instrumental, Surfer, Swing, TECHNO, Traditional Folk, TRANCE, Vocalists, Western Swing.
91. I enjoy reading about history.
92. I enjoy science fiction books, movies, and specials.
93. I feed the birds and have 5 birdfeeders.
94. I figure my talent is helping other to learn - from my mistakes. Heheheh.
95. I get a lot of exercise at work.
96. I got my first job at age 18.
97. I had a great childhood. Very loving…
98. I had a huge crush on Hoss from Bonanza when I was little.
99. I have 2 dogs that are very, very smart.
100. I have 2 siblings.
101. I have a bad memory.
102. I have a bad memory. (heheh)
103. I have a basic feeling that all things will work out.
104. I have a birthmark that I found when I shaved down there… hmmmm I forgot that was there…
105. I have a lot of tolerance for others honest mistakes.
106. I have absolutely no tolerance for mental or physical abuse.
107. I have always been good at getting shots at the Dr’s office.
108. I have been having orgasm’s since I was 6. So for a long time I didn’tconnect orgasms with “sex with a man”. It wasn’t till I was 30 that I learned to have an orgasm with a man. (my favorite position is unique )
109. I have been hoping to find "Mr Right" .
110. I have a couple friends and family that are gay and it is not a problem for me.
111. I have gone 2 years without sex with a man.
112. I have had 6 serious relationships, that ultimately failed for one reason or another. We all have things to learn, and I guess some times we just have to move on sometimes to learn our lessons…
113. I have had 8 jobs in my life.
114. I have horrible stage fright. Good thing I don’t have to get on a stage.
115. I have liberal views on most issues, leaning towards the Democrats.
116. I have lived in 3 different states. CA. Al, and WA
117. I have lived in this area now for 35 years. It is quiet, artistic, and peaceful.
118. I have never been fired from a job.
119. I have never bungee-jumped but I would like to.
120. I have never cheated on a boyfriend.
121. I have never wanted children of my own, in this lifetime…
122. I have never watched "The Simpsons"
123. I have no interest in "playing the field"
124. I have no interest in any one that is married, separated, or attached in any way.
125. I have no interest in casual sex.
126. I have no problem being alone, but I would love to find a soul mate…
127. I have no tattoos
128. I have no tolerance for cheaters.
129. I have no tolerance for liars.
130. I have no tolerance for power trippers.
131. I have owned 3 motorcycles.
132. I have owned 10 cars and trucks.
133. I have really good hand-eye coordination.
134. I have taken professional massage classes.
135. I have worked for 25 years in the same building.
136. I heat my home with wood heat, and I prefer that.
137. I just want to be happy.
138. I know how to drive a forklift.
139. I know what I want. I just want to be happy…….
140. I learn something new every day.
141. I learned to snow ski when I was 9.
142. I like some baseball and winter sports like ski racing, ski jumping, skating etc.
143. I like the history & discovery channels on TV.
144. I like to fly, in my dreams….
145. I like to think that I am a generous person.
146. I like to travel, but I can’t afford to.
147. I love 50's, 60's, 70's and 80’s music.
148. I really love a clever sense of humor.
149. I love a hot shower & putting the showerhead on pulse, for a hot massage.
150. I love animals very, very, very much.
151. I love animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses.
152. I love animals.
153. I love beauty in nature
154. I love being able to stay at home and snuggle and cuddle. Mmmmmm
155. I love being barefoot.
156. I love camp fires
157. I love candles.
158. I love children.
159. I have read “The Lord of the Rings” at least 12 times.
160. I love clean bodies, fresh out of a bath or shower.
161. I love decaff coffee.
162. I love decaff Green Tea
163. I love everything about sex.
164. I love flying in my dreams.
165. I love having slow sex any time of the day.
166. I love having sex before going to sleep.
167. I love having slow sensual sex for hours.
168. I love helping, giving and sharing
169. I love hiking in the mountains
170. I love Hot showers and baths
171. I love hot tubs.
172. I love incense.
173. I love it when it is 75 ‒ 80 degrees, that’s perfect weather for me.
174. I love it when the power goes out.
175. I love Mexican food.
176. I love morning sex.
177. I love music and dancing.
178. I love music especially - techno, new age, rock and roll, and classic rock.
179. I love my coffee with cream.
180. I love my friends.
181. I love my Mac.
182. I love nuts in my chocolate.
183. I love chocolate with out nuts.
184. I love coco butter on my body.
185. I love oral as an appetizer, before moving on to penetration.
186. I love orange juice, even though I am allergic to it.
187. I love peanut butter, pickle, and mayonnaise sandwich’s.
188. I love fresh Seafood.
189. I love sensual, sensuous, slow foreplay… mmmmm
190. I love sensual, sensuous, slow penetration… mmmmm
191. I love sex, but if I don't have a partner, I just masturbate… (daily )
192. I love simple things…
193. I love snow.
194. I love steak and potatoes! ( lots of vegetables too )
195. I love the quiet serenity of being outside just about anywhere.
196. I love the smell of a wood-burning fire.
197. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.
198. I love the smell of sage brush.
199. I love to 69 with a man.
200. I love to be happy
201. I love to be naked
202. I love to camp.
203. I love to cuddle & snuggle .
204. I love to cuddle and snuggle by a warm fireplace .
205. I love to cuddle and snuggle by a warm fireplace in the winter, drinking hot chocolate & just talking & enjoying the person I'm with.
206. I love hot chocolate and Schnapps.
207. I love to dance on the sheets (horizontal )
208. I love to dance.
209. I love to dress casually.
210. I love to explore Tantra with my partner
211. I love to give $$ and if I were wealthy, I would give a lot to those in need…
212. I love to give & receive backrubs, foot-rubs and full body massages.
213. I love to give and share
214. I love to go camping even if it is only in the back yard.
215. I love to have sex in my favorite position…… mmmmmmm
216. I love to have sex in your favorite position…… mmmmmmm
217. I love to hug& be hugged.
218. I love to kiss & be kissed.
219. I love to laugh
220. I love to lay naked in the sun.
221. I love to listen to C89.5 & KJR 95.7
222. I love to make others feel good.
223. I love to naked clean (the house )
224. I love to read.
225. I love to sing.
226. I love to smile
227. I love to snuggle.
228. I love to take a bath, as hot as I can stand it. It is my therapy.
229. I love to watch old movies.
230. I love to work hard.
231. I love walking on the beach.
232. I love Water.
233. I love Whipped cream, Chocolate sauce.
234. I loved J P Patches.
235. I make mistakes.
236. I never thought I would write a blog.
237. I only know a little Spanish; I would love to learn more.
238. I own my own house and property because I worked for them.
239. I prefer leggings and t-shirts to dresses.
240. I quit smoking sometime in 1990 cold turkey.
241. I rarely wear makeup, other than mascara (it is hard to see a blond’s eyelashes )
242. I really, really have no tolerance for abuse of children or animals
243. I really, really have no tolerance for physical or mental abuse of anyone
244. I really, really love animals.
245. I still have my tonsils.
246. I take vitamins every day.
247. I think beauty is more than skin deep.
248. I Think killing is wrong.
249. I think there is a good possibility of a higher power, I also think that power is in each one of us.
250. I think there is a possibility of reincarnation.
251. I think war is wrong, and I don’t believe in killing others.
252. I think the human race has done some incredibly wrong things, and still does not have their priorities in the right place.
253. I think we ALL should all MYOB.
254. I think we all have a special talent/gift that each of us should use to the best of our abilities.
255. I took my first typing class in the seventh grade on a manual typewriter.
256. I use Apostrophe’s here online merely to “highlight” words.
257. I used to put up way too many Christmas decorations. Now I just put up lots of lights.
258. I know what it feel like to be discriminated against. I had to use a wheel chair for 2 days because of a foot injury, and it is amazing how people walking by just wanted to ignore me.
259. I very rarely add salt to anything.
260. I want a swimming pool.
261. I want a hot tub.
262. I just want to be accepted for who I am and do the same for my partner.
263. I want to believe ‒ because all paranormal things interest me.
264. I want to learn more about Tantra.
265. I wanted to be able to fly like a bird when I was a child.
266. I was a groupie for a hometown band that played blues and rock and roll.
267. I was an average student, but I always got A’s in choir and music.
268. I was born in 1953
269. I was raised Methodist, as someone once said - the religion of casseroles.
270. I was six when I discovered how good it feels to stimulate myself to orgasm.
271. I wear 2 pair of earrings every day
272. I work full-time.
273. I worked in Alaska for two years to buy property.
274. I would like a tattoo but I can't decide what I want.
275. I would love sex in a remote wilderness spot.
276. I would love to go up in a hot air balloon.
277. I would love to learn how to draw.
278. I would love to swim with dolphins.
279. I would love to visit to a warmer climate.
280. I would Much rather be having sex than watching TV.
281. I would rather have face-to-face communication than on the phone or on line.
282. I would rather live alone, than live with someone that does not love, adore and respect me.
283. I’m a night owl – I work nightshift.
284. I’m not a worry wart
285. I’m trustworthy.
286. I’ve always wanted to bungee jump.
287. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland.
288. I’ve never water skied very well. Only did it once and I just went downnnnn.
289. If I was a man I would want to marry Jennifer Garner of "Alias"
290. If music were banned tomorrow, I’d wither away and die.
291. It usually takes a lot to make me mad, unless you are mentally or physically abusive. Then goodbye…….
292. I've only had one-on-one sex.
293. J P Patches came to a Halloween party at our elementary school when I was 6.
294. Leather and/or a Harley are optional, but a definite plus.
295. My cousin had a 69 Camaro that I always wanted “ride” in with him
296. My ears are pierced a total of 4 times. 2 on each side
297. My ears are the only part of my body that are pierced.
298. My family went camping a lot when I was growing up and I still love it.
299. My favorite Actors are Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Michael Dougless, Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, John Cleese, Michael Cain, Paul Newman, etc.
300. My favorite Actress’s are Ingrid Bergman, Julia Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeipfer, Melanie Griffith, Audry Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn etc.
301. My favorite cartoon is Rocky and Bullwinkle
302. My favorite children’s Christmas book is Frosty the Snowman
303. My favorite kids movie is Black Stallion.
304. My favorite colors are (in this order ) teal blue, cobalt blue, other dark blues, dark greens and purples.
305. My favorite comic strip is Peanuts.
306. My favorite flowers are violets.
307. My favorite movie is Sparticus.
308. My favorite old TV series is M.A.S.H.
309. My favorite pixar movie is Finding Nemo
310. My favorite season is spring, then summer, then fall, and then Winter. I love them all!
311. My favorite thing for breakfast is oatmeal
312. My favorite TV shows are Alias, Gray’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives.
313. My first 8 cars and trucks were all stick shift.
314. My first car was a green ‘60 VW Van.
315. My hair is very long and straight.
316. My motto is live and let live.
317. One of my favorite books is “Final Gifts” by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelly.
318. The last orgasm I had was this morning.
319. The longest relationship I had with a man lasted for 4 years.
320. What I think is most important is having and being a friend, before anything else can happen.

Really there is lots more......

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
3450 posts
11/20/2005 7:57 pm

That's a lot of stuff. Your blog also has some pretty good advice. Being a bad-habit ridden negative person, they apply to me directly.

Keep on writin'

imBambi 58M/50F

11/20/2005 8:37 pm

Wow, I have read quite a few blogs. Never have I read one where someone is so open and honest about herself.

Do you realize that you skipped over the topic of children? You said that you could have had 4 children, but the details (abortion, decided not to get married, had the hystorectomy before conception, etc.) were lacking (as if that matters).

Mentally ill people used to scare me until I started working on a crisis hotline as a counselor. Once I obtained an understanding of the types of mental illness, the causes, the cures and treatments, and the range of severity, I changed my outlook on that portion of the population.

Have you ever dated someone of a different race?

Hey, why don't you let your readers ask you questions?

Great blog - Cudos!!!

rm_lovelyLady 64F
434 posts
11/21/2005 1:17 pm

[blog Ptalk1155]I am glad you have enjoyed my blog. You know, we all have things to learn and if anything I have written here has helped, then I am happy. I learn from others, all the time, every day. Thanks for the kind words........ Take care, and Happy Holidays!

xoxo LL

rm_lovelyLady 64F
434 posts
11/21/2005 1:32 pm

[blog mizzkitka]Wow, what a compliment... Here and a very special one on your blog too! Thanks for the support! I just like sharing... some times it is humor, and other times it is what I am remembering or learning...
xoxo LL

rm_lovelyLady 64F
434 posts
11/21/2005 2:15 pm

imBambi Thanks for the compliments... Yes I tried to open and honest. I think it is the best way... with some humor added in ofcourse....

I am amazed at how you picked out the entries that I found especially sensitive and had left out certain details, wondering if those were already too much information...

The issues I have with people that have a mental illness are a particularly sensitive subject - because I have had 3 recent experiences… They seemed perfectly normal and it was complicating the relationship in ways that were not easy to imagine. Long, long story, I can’t go into here… It is probably the only thing I am truly afraid of……… so I go slowly making new friends…

If you have any helpful suggestions, I would certainly appreciate it.

About your question “why don't you let your readers ask you questions?” They can… Anyone can make any comment or ask any question they would like… Do you, or any one, have any more questions??? I’ll do the best I can to answer them.

Thanks for your comments, compliments, observations, and Questions. Really, thank you!

zoxoxo LL

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