my princess  

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1/8/2006 11:49 am

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my princess

you are consuming my every thought. you are even consuming
my dreams. i dreamed of our first encounter last night.
before reading this make sure you are alone and wont be
disturb for the next five to 10 minutes.
my dream started off with us talking on the phone. i was
frustrated after several failed attempts to meet with you so
i insisted that you make out your schedule hour by hour for
the next two weeks and that i would surprise you within that
time period. so 2 days later i find myself walking up the
steps of the university of fla. law library. as i walked
toward the back in a somewhat secluded area, i see what i
thought was an angel. my eyes were now focused on the most
beautiful smile i had ever seen in my life. and she had a
body that could cause a wreck in the middle of down town.
she looked at me as i read her lips. she said, dam. we both
exchange smiles as i walked passed her. i would not dare
look back but i felt her eyes all over me. i was trembling
with nervousness as i thought, could that be my "princess".
it has to be her. i took a seat at a table behind her as she
appeared to be studying. she seemed to be nervous and could
not sit still. the tension was too much for her. after about
what seemed forever she stood up and walked to the book
shelf. i said to myself this is my opportunity move now. she
was wearing a business type skirt outfit. i quickly walked
up behind her grabbed her from behind placing one hand
around her mouth and chin area and the other arm around her
breast restricting her movement. i felt her fear moving
through her as i held her body tight. i then whispered in
her ear, "this is ###" "are you my princess". i now felt her
body relax and she was under my complete control. i then
whispered " do you trust me" she responded in a low sweet
nightingale voice, "yes". i now instructed her first of all
do not turn around as i reached in my back pocket pulling
out a handkerchief or something still with my arm wrapped
around her breast. By this time i could hear the sound of
her most most sacred most intimate spot at the Y getting
moist. this was probably brought on by the throbbing of my
hard eight inch dick pressing up against her firm ripe
mellon of an ass. i preceded to blind folding her. now with
both hands free i begin to rub her outer thighs as i lifted
up her skirt. my hands slowly made their way to her inner
thighs deliberately by passing her manicured bush. i could
feel her every breath. inhale , exhale i could feel her
heart racing as she spread her legs placing her foot on the
shelf so that my hands could perform as though i was
painting a master piece. i then worked my hands up slowly
and methodically to her firm softball size breast, slowly
unbuttoning her silk blouse. i firmly grabbed her breast
working my thumbs across her marble sized nipples. her
breathing got heavier and heavier i thought she would
explode right there in my arms. as i looked to my left i saw
this young caucasian girl peeping around the corner
observing my every move but by this time it was too late i
did not care who was watching i was not stopping and i
continued caressing her breast. i then turned her around
facing me grabbing her ass pulling her closer to me. then my
lips touch the most softest sweetest mouth one could ever
imagine. as our tongues meet i said to myself damn i am in
love with an internet girl. after exiting her mouth my
tongue worked its way down to her left breast as my fingers
were now working their way across her clit. She yelled, "Oh
my God" forgetting where she was then remembering and
finishing the sentence with a quite "Ray". As i looked back
to my left i looked directly into the eyes of the cute white
girl who was now in full view: Stroking her pussy through
her panties what seemed to be violently. But my interest was
only in my princess. as i worked my way down to one knee, my
tongue worked its way across a sexy diamond naval ring which
i pulled back for a moment to observed. As i proceeded, she
then lifted her foot placing it upon the book shelf giving
my mouth all access too her most prized possession. my
tongue slowly worked it way across her clit. As i made my
way through the alphabets while occasionally taking time out
to engulf her clit with the powerful suction of my lips. As
i continue i could her hear panting: making the most painful
pleasurable sounds one could imagine. As she grabbed the
back of my head signally me not to stop. i begin to suck her
pussy violently as her juices and my saliva poured down the
side of my face. then out of now where i feel her body
shaking trembling uncontrollably asthough she was having an
epileptic seizure. then my mouth and hands could feel her
body throbbing and shaking as her pussy juices increased its
flow nearly drowning me but i would not dare stop , not now.
now she is screaming with everything her lungs can produce,"
### Oh ### oh My God ###" "I'm cumming" , "I am cumming".
then and then and then the damn alarm clock went off. i woke
up my dick was hard as hell. matter of fact my dick is hard
as hell while i am typing this shit. excuse my language i
dont normally talk like this but this dream was hot as hell.
just wish i could have got my release. Damn you are even selfish
in my dreams(smile). Okay you can turn up the ac cool
yourself off. remove your hands from in between your thighs
and stop the masturbation you might get caught.


kinkybj3 42F

7/17/2006 4:34 pm

Well Written!I would have loved to been that woman in your dream.

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