Just couldn't erase this one...it's just that good!  

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1/21/2006 12:09 pm

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Just couldn't erase this one...it's just that good!

I'm always coming up with different fantasies, and I hated erasing the old ones when i put in the new ones. Sooo..I decided what better place to preserve it than my blog.

I'm in the middle of a thick deep forest. It's steamy
and rays of sunlight filter through the tops of the towering
trees. I come upon a waterfall nothing grand like niagra
falls, but cozy, the sounds of falling water muffled by
the thick grove of trees surrounding it. I stand for a while
just caught up in the natural beauty. Without knowing why
I begin taking off my clothes stripping each piece off as
i make my way towards the fall, walking through the pooling
waters i'm shocked to feel the warmth rising from the
water up my calves to my thighs. As I enter the falls i'm
overcome with the desire to feel this warm water touch every
inch of my body. I hold my head up and begin carressing my
neck with the water flowing over me as my fingers glide over
my neck working lower to my shoulders i turn so that the warming
sun continues to glide over my body. As my massaging moves
on, my fingers form cups around my breast moving in delicate
circles the tips of my fingers find my nipples...swollen, hard
and extremely sensitive I play with my nipples for a few
minutes but the rest of me is waiting...ohh what i wouldn't
give for an extra hand or two...
i continue on with my massaging moving over my belly lingering
over my belly button next i come to my thighs ooh they're
so tigh from all the walking earlier i lean over with my palms
pressed hard to my thighs i began stroking up and down on
my outer thighs gradually moving over to my inner thighs
my fingers slip between my legs i feel warm moisture rolling
down my thighs, but wait a minute..this isn't water.
i reach behind me and run my hands over my round ass to find
my lips have beome swollen..i glide my fingers over them
slowly at first then my fingers take on a new rhythm.. not
mine this was fast and rough...i look up and see two strong
tan hands guiding mine.. i should be scared but there's
something in his eyes that say it's going to be alright.
i straighten up with my back towards him i feel his strong
hands moving to my shoulders as i give in to his pressure
and his hands move lower bending me forward. i feel his fingers
moving in and out of me driving me mad...his hands begin
smacking my ass and the sound echoes mixing with my moans
finally he enters me with all the force he can..sending
me buckwild. I scream with each pounding thrust until finally
i cum cum cum ..my legs go completely weak. i fall to my knees..
after i catch my breath i turn around to thank..or maybe
praise..my nature man only to see the rising steam from
the rocks. Where did he go? Is he out there? Is he? Is he??????

rm_workin_gal22 33F

1/21/2006 1:07 pm

That was nice, i liked that fantasy. Wish something like that would really happen, that would be nice.


1/21/2006 1:32 pm

WOW, very good!

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