Bald is Beautiful!  

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8/20/2006 1:44 pm
Bald is Beautiful!

If you read my very first blog (You Can’t Put a Band-Aid on your Vagina) you’ll know that my first experience with personal shaving went seriously wrong. Not one to ever give up, I re-armed myself with (this time) a fresh razor and marched resolutely ‒ shoulders back, head held high, hands only slightly sweaty ‒ into the bathroom to attempt shaving yet again.

Now men, I need to tell you…if your gal shaves for you, you need to treat her right! This is not an easy process ‒ the amount of time and energy she must spend is worth at least an hour massage. I’m a big girl, so images of myself magnified in a giant mirror, twisted into some of the most awkward and unnatural positions is just wrong. To some extent we do it for ourselves, but (for me, anyway) I do it for that next man that’s going to drop trou with me and get the thrill of seeing the hardwoods…see, serving others does serve the soul.

So if you’re thinking of shaving I highly recommend it. The first attempt may not be what you expected, but I expect with very attempt I’ll get better and better. And for those neophytes out there like me, check out the lovely PrincessKarma (see comment on my orig blog below). Her blog on shaving really helped me figure this all out.

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PrincessKarma 43F
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8/20/2006 6:54 pm

You're quite welcome

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