Mara Goes to San Francisco  

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5/9/2006 10:48 pm

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Mara Goes to San Francisco

We were heading out for a long weekend adventure and planning to meet with R for an unheard of THIRD meeting, when Arawan's typical style of play kicked in. After only a few minutes in the taxi, he told me to change my shirt (and of course, I was bra-less) right there in the back seat. The driver didn't seem to react, but I guess anyone who drives a cab for any length of time in the bay area has probably already seen it all and then some. Then Arawan decided he wanted to attach the new nipple clamps, which started to burn like fire after about half way through the trip. By the time we got to the hotel, I was begging for them to come off. I found out that coming off is much worse than going on!

We spent most of the first day tromping through Golden Gate Park, with Arawan taking every available opportunity to shoot topless photos of me. The first night was just the two of us, but I awoke the next morning to an extra set of hands. Arawan had arranged a nice surprise, a young man with a great touch and a good oral technique that he claimed to have learned from his "lesbian girlfriend". Not sure I quite figured out that relationship.

After spending the day in the city, we met up with R, who played tour guide for us through the North Beach area. After visiting a bar, we headed to the 'Lusty Lady", where R informed us we could all fit together in the corner booth. With the both of them working on my ass, it was hard to say which side of the window the real show was on! Then it was off to another club, where we admired a really talented dancer. R and Arawan got two "2 for 1" lap dances for me with her, and after some conversation, R ended up with her phone number.

It was getting late, so Arawan, R, and I went back to the hotel room. Arawan set up his video camera and turned me over to R. For the next three hours, I was in heaven. I came hard several times, and by the time the evening concluded, the bed was soaked. R promised to drop by in the AM so we could go out for coffee.

The next morning, Arawan had me get dressed and lay across the bed where he used the new paddle on me for nearly an hour. When R arrived, I was already in sub space, but R continued in Arawan's place for another 30 minutes. It was a real struggle to finally get up and go out for coffee!

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