Are my worries over?/Top-3 news stories  

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12/23/2005 9:51 am

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Are my worries over?/Top-3 news stories

Well, since I still haven't hooked up with anyone (or even had a SERIOUS reply) from AdultFriendFinder, I guess I'll just blog about goings on.

My wife is now a 4th grade teacher! WOHOO! She graduated UM yesterday, got a job today-go her!

There are a few things in the news that bother me. Here's a short list of news items and my opinions--just for shits a giggles 'cos I have nothing else I'd RATHER be doing:
1. "Intelligent Design" - Alias "Creationism", this "theory" has no place in science. Just because most humans can't face the fact that we have no other purpose in life other than to fuck and procreate (essentially) they want to bring "God" into the equation. Sorry, folks, but just because YOU can't explain the origins of mankind, it doesn't mean that others won't be able to in the future. Oh, another argument against Intelligent Design--DOLPHINS. Ask me for details.
2. The Patriot Act - I think the government should at LEAST change the name. There is nothing Patriotic about an act that limits the rights and freedoms of legal immigrants. There's also nothing patriotic about using that act to limit the rights and freedoms of U.S. Citizens, whether law-abiding or not. Did you know that the Patriot act has been used to convict ordinary criminals (not just "terrorists") with trumped-up-charges for things like money laundering? Some of you may say "good, they got what they deserve" but I'm afraid that rights are rights. What's next? Speeding becomes "attempted terrorism" because they argue that you could have driven your speeding car into a building?
3. That brings me to the spy thing - Why go around the courts if, as the govenment claims, they only used the NSA to spy on Al Quaida suspects and listen to conversations overseas with terrorists? HOW DO WE KNOW? The court was already in place, the protocol there. How can we trust the government when they say that they "foiled several attacks" by using this illegal wire-tapping? How many of our rights are going to be trampled on in the name of National Security? Personally, I'd rather die knowing that I had those rights at the hands of a terrorist than to to give in to terrorism as the US is doing. Airport security I can handle--although some fucker stole some of my clothes--but they are taking it too far and abusing the people's fear of terrorism. It is EASY TO DEFEAT TERRORISM!!! QUIT BEING AFRAID OF IT!!!

Ok, that's my top three. Let me know what you think!

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