First time to have 2 girls!!!  

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12/26/2005 1:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

First time to have 2 girls!!!

It happened for me, the set up is long and involved. It was not their first time to do this type of thing. They were both short cute girls one black one white, both have really cute bodies. The white girl took her top off and put the condom on me and started a long slow blow on me while the other girl was in the bathroom. When she came out I was just having my first involeentary contraction of an orgasim, she stopped blowing me and said to her girlfriend I got him already for you. The other girl layed down and said get on boy!

I did, once I was in and she was well lubed I did figure 8s with my hips. I just think that it looks cool. The white girls says to the black girl"ooo it looks like he is digging you out girl, does it hurt"? The black girl says "A little, Do you remember that guy in las vegas?" they both start laughing and talking about him. For a minute it was like I was not there, infact it had nothing to do with me, they were just having fun with me. I was just a big toy.

I asked the white girl to show what the other black girl would like. I asked her to hold my balls and guide me. She did we were all laughing it was totally not the experience that I expected.

I thought that I cum instantly and it would over too quickly, but I nearly blue balled on the first girl it was hard to cum because I was laughing so much.

We repeated the whole process, this time the black girl gave me the BJ. I got on the white girl. I asked them to kiss and suck each others nipples again we laughed a lot and I came so much that it hurt.

I cannot wait to do it again!

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