The Yoni Massage  

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12/6/2005 3:09 pm

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The Yoni Massage

Sorry No joke for this post tonight.

I was looking for a new poem to add to my post. I Found a article about Massages. The Yoni Massage. Well I love to give a massage and not just to get into a women’s pants.
But this massage one is for a female genitals. Now I have to add this one to my list of got to try on her list.

Call of The Hunt
Restless night, restless spirits
The earth so still, the Moon so full
the call goes out, the pack is near
we sniff the air, we howl so loud
a song of praise, a chant of reunion
that brings us back, to a time before
man was tamed, still wild and free
our hunger deep, we stalk the prey
to feed our desire, for food and mate
through moonlit woods, naked we run
time for the chase, the hunt's begun

Erotic Thoughts
I woke up this morning thinking erotic thoughts
I want to penetrate your mind from behind
Slowly, deeply, rhythmically
To enter your deepest thoughts
To explore the contours of your soul
Driving you into ecstatic reaction
Wildly emotional, both of us
We consume each other
Tenderly retreating, only to renew our spiritual communion
Again and again, rhythmically,
Deeply, souls in connection
We transcend reality into an extraplanetary world
Of stars and far-distant galaxies
Across the milky way
Beautiful, triumphant, serene
Suddenly, an explosion of silver and gold
A starburst of eroticism
We are fulfilled
by Michael David Coffey

A Soft and Sensual Invitation

The lady felt alive,
a combination of the excitement
. . . the fear of what lay ahead.
Unexpected, but not unwanted,
unknown, yet calling out
in a man’s voice . . .
soft and sensual in one breath
deep and demanding in the next.
A promise of fantasies fulfilled,
the invitation accepted.
The lady felt alive

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