Funny but true.  

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12/26/2005 1:01 am

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Funny but true.

Funny but true.
One of my Christmas presents was a pair of thumb Cuffs
(Take your mind out of the gutter here)
They are work related. Not for adult fun.
The darn things have teeth all the around them. Way too painful to have fun with them.
Well here is the funny part. I decided to try them out. IM the only one home.
I start flipping them open and closed, the action was slow so I took out the WD40. And gave them a squirt, Now they are working great. So I put my thumb in one side and lock it. I start trying the other side, it is sticking
So I spray it again. Flip it a few times. It is working well now. I flip it one more time. One time too many. It locks this time On my other thumb. So At first no problem. Ill just unlock it, Right. Wrong. Cant find the keys. So I start going through the wrapping paper 20 minutes later I find them. They were taped to the box they came in. Now comes the fun part Manage to get key into my mouth and try to get it into the key hole. I turned the key to the left, no luck.
Tried to the right no luck. Well still have the second key, Guess what. It doesn’t work either I forgot add that the lock is facing away from me. Well I finally sit down to think. I cant call work. They wont let me live it down. Then I remember my hide a key. I go out to my car and get it. Thank god it works.
IM free at last.
Boy the company is going to get a nasty letter for not testing the keys out before
they send the product out.
Well IM done complaining for now.
Stop back later on my regular post for some jokes and poetry

MissKittyNip26 106F

12/26/2005 8:10 am

LOL!!! Now, that's funny...

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