Buying Flowers :A BLONDE and a brunette  

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Buying Flowers :A BLONDE and a brunette

A Question for the women readers that visit here.
I have been wondering About this,
How many women like to start a fight so that they can kiss and make up later.
And for the women who don’t use this method, How do you spark passion for your mate?

Buying Flowers
A BLONDE and a brunette are walking past a flower shop.
The brunette sees her boyfriend inside and says: "Oh no, my boyfriend is inside buying me flowers again."
The blonde asks: "Why is that so bad?"
The brunette says:"Every time he buys me flowers, he expects something in return and I don't feel like spending the entire weekend with my legs in the air."
The blonde asks:"Why, don't you have a vase?"

Which way
You walk up to a mountain that has two paths. One leads to the other side of the mountain, and the other will get you lost forever. On the road you meet two twins that know the path that leads to the other side. You can ask them only one question. One of the twins only tells lies and the other only tells the truth, and you don't know which is which.

So, What do you Ask?
The Answer:
Which way would your brother say?
Example: If the good path is left, and you ask the liar this question, he'll say Right, because his brother will say left and he himself lies. The truthful fellow will say right, because he tells the truth, and the other one lies.

Firery kiss like drops of the sun
hungering to taste your flesh again
missing you so each passing moment
though your scent still lingers on me
I count the seconds as I spend
sleepless nights, I toss and turn,
a storm tossed ship adrift at sea
hoping for landfall upon your shores
yes, I have yearned for you
and I have burned for you
waiting for your safe return
to fill my outstretched arms
W. I. Boucher February 10, 1998

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