Alpha pair of wolves  

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12/1/2005 5:33 pm

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Alpha pair of wolves

To lay in bed with another, not someone I love but that I desire.
No insecurities or inhibitions daunting our actions.
Naked. That special person's dark fingers compliment the light skin of my back.
My tongue is granted access to the sweet glistening pores of their chest.
It's early in the morning, 3am. The curtians ajar, wrinkled, messy.
The streetlamp casts off it's orange tint. Flooding the room with a shadowed light.
The brightness is sharp, it slices it's way through the air, until finally it slams the wall.
The wall, which my bed is housed against.
The complete darkness is broken, incomplete, thrusts from the gleaming sillhoute bathed in orange.
Another glint creeps in. Slicing its way up the bed, more and more as the draft shivers the curtian.
The draft finally reaches me, tingling my exposed body.
The quilt, doubled in itself, recoiling over our entwined legs.
A tight embrace, suddenly I am hugged.
My arms wrap around their moist torso.
I almost bite my lip at the sight of that dry mouth, drowsy closing eyes.
Suddenly my hair is ruffled. My face tingled. Their breath endulging me more in this semiconcious bliss.
One's body as free to me, as mine to one. in that sense, for this night, we are one.
The heavens could fall, but to no disruption, quenched desire would be my last feeling.
So liberated, my hand can slide down a still damp stomache, down, bristley, down, wet, accomplished.
A tinge, a movement, and my body is roamed, to make two bodys one. Cresendo.
Two stomaches beat quickly, rythmatically blending. Collapsing to one side they remain joined. We embrace.
As if attempting to hold this moment forever, that which lays upon our stomaches slide, attempting to glue our bodys.
Two tongues tangle again, one last time as the sleepy eyes close. Close under a safe darkness, under the blanet entwined.
Us. Sweat used as our evidence, not a dream.

FlirtationWake me from this dark dreaming
Bring be a smile for my lips
Give me a sign to start scheming
how I'd hold you by the hips
I see your blue eyes gleaming
shining at me across the room
I read in them a secret meaning
telling me you want me too
Around one question we dance
I think we need to answer soon
Is it time for some sweet romance?
shall we dance to a sweeter tune?
W. I. Boucher October 24, 2004
Alpha WolvesI hunger to bare my heart wild and free
Alpha pair of wolves, you at my side
Nuzzling, sniffing the moist night air
Hungry and fierce in desires shared
Running naked, moonlit, laughing
Singing songs to sweet Mother Night
Howling at the full moon as we mate
Under the clear summer night sky
We rock and growl lost in the needing
Till it shakes us and we surrender to
Passions unbound by mortal rules
and the taint of the mundane world
W. I. Boucher Febuary 27, 2003

micahbiguns 50M

12/3/2005 1:04 pm

    Quoting threesexual:
    More dravel from loser land he even copies poetry and it sucks. Ahh this is because he has no orginal thoughts of his own
What is it with these shit birds going all aroubd blog land attacking everybody. especially those of us who just want to share a little of life's pleasure May they get a horrible excrucating diesease and rot in hell

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