Stupid, stupid father-of-my-children!!!  

rm_loneremily 33F
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7/14/2006 8:40 pm

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7/15/2006 11:01 pm

Stupid, stupid father-of-my-children!!!

I hate you (but I still love you--because I'm stupid, too).

It started out like always--comes over. Helps with the kids. Stays until he goes to work--but wait--that's not how it went this time!!!

See; I had my second interview today. It went really well. They had me looking over the entire department... To get acquainted, they said. I met everyone that worked there. Learned how the phones worked (because that's close to rocket science, you know).

TWO men (TWO!!) did double-takes at the sight of me... SWEET--ego-boost if ever there was one. I must admit, though: I was wearing all black. My porcelain skin does look really nice contrasting to black.

Everyone kept speaking to me as though I already worked there.

When I finally met with two of the managers (my first interview was with the executive. She took a shine to me right away. Whenever I answered a question, she'd respond with, "Oh, I'm just like that. Oh, I do that, too") they seemed pretty pleased with me.

I must say, it was a lot less intimidating interviewing with two women as apposed to two men. Especially seeing as I felt like I might've been a little prettier than they were. I was able to put a positive spin on all of the negative questions.

I.E... Manager: "What was one thing you didn't like about your last employer?"
Me: "I didn't like that the schedule wasn't set--but that wasn't enough to make me angry."

Manager: "Would you say that you held a lot of jobs in the past five years?"
Me: "Yes, in high school. But at the time I could only have a job if I was doing well in school. If my mother thought I was slipping in my grades, she'd force me to quit--otherwise I would've never left any of them. I'm always very comfortable at work." A horrible lie. But whatever.

Anyway--I knew it went well. The executive ket making little hints to me--even though she had other interviews to conduct... I know I've got it. ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME!!!

Well--I ws in a pleasant mood. And who was watching the children while I interviewed; their daddy.

He liked what I was wearing, too. I could tell by the lecherous looks thrown my way. Then the kids fell asleep. The tv was on. Somehow we were inching closer and closer...

And somehow we're in my bedroom in a very grandeous 69. And we were both insatiably feverish about it. And we both climaxed... At the same time (I love that).

What's the odd part to this? As soon as he left I was thinking about a different guy...

Maybe I won't be hot and bothered by him after too long, then.

hotmama3512 46F

7/14/2006 10:26 pm

hey u should be happy...he watched the kids and u got some...only if i could be so lucky! next time get him to watch them while you go out on a date...u may be able to resist a little better..if thats what u want!

hotandhorny107 58F

7/14/2006 10:49 pm

Been there done that...

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/15/2006 9:48 am

Congrats on the job interview! It does sound like you waltz through the process, and the mention of the white-on-black has be wondering...

As for your ex, I just accept that there are some people that will be in your life come-what-may, and that, so long as y'all are being open and all, there's no harm done in taking a well known comfort.

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