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***That is from the speech the movie president gives in the movie 'Independence Day'. A great speech that was most certainly written to get people out there and get em geared up to fight those aliens in the movie.

I love movies like that that are sooo corny but in the very hollywood ending, all they were trying to do was to get us to all get along. I watch that movie a lot this time of year although I can certainly enjoy it year round.

I love the fact that a computer virus and a 'world wide offensive' coordinated by morse code, brought the aliens down.. lol I love it that an exotic dance got the first lady to safety.. and somehow I love how sexy (yup I said it sexy) how sexy Goldblum looks when he first sees the alien ship on the roof of the building.. lol I never thought of him as sexy in any other movies.. but in the alien space shit when they are inside the 'mother ship' and he's urging.. "do it! do it! doooo ittttt!" I can help but imagine that he's urging me on to do something really naughty to him..teehee

But most of all I love the speech that the movie president gives to the masses that are gathered to fight the aliens, it's one of those "Get on out there and win one for the Gipper!" speeches and I love it!

But it is also because of movies like this that made us think that 911 couldn't possibly be really happening because it's something that happens in a movie and never something that we really expected.

Soo you celebrate your 4th your way, and I'll celebrate my way..

*pops movie back into dvd player for another view and settles in all nice and comfy*

***No insult was intended. I will never forget the sacrifices of others, of the troops who fought and fight for freedom and of the lives lost by our heroes here at home on 911.***

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    Quoting deleteme19:
    Yeah that is a fun movie, and a great speach. Today was a great 4th too with the shuttle launch. Man when I saw them fire up the engines and they were blowing white hot heat I was in awe.

    I have my USA shirt on and will be settling down with a movie soon myself (not the same tho) so I will tip my glass to you!

I had a great fourth, just chilled and watched my corny movie and I didnt get caught in the storm. sooo cool.

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