The sounds of passion.....  

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4/27/2005 11:22 am

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The sounds of passion.....

Recently had a great time with a wounderful girl up at Kokee...which is in a State Parks located in the mountains of Kauai. The day started off beautiful...clear skies...80 wind...met her at the bottom of the park and we started to talk for about an hour getting to know each other as we only talked on the phone twice. We each was attracted to one another by our body movements...laughing,flirting and really getting into the conversation. She then got into my truck and we procceded to find a quiet secluded spot for some enjoyable fun!!!The anticipation of feeling our naked bodies was we found the perfect spot, i procceded to lay a blanket down, she just dropped on her back and started to undress...opening up her blouse exposing her small yet firm breasts with large she started to unzip her jeans exposing a clean shaven pussy!!!

All the while i myself was standing over her with my shirt already off and my jeans open stroking my 7 1/2" member, which she enjoyed by the way her eyes was glued to my erect cock and the sounds of her soft moans...i really enjoyed putting on a show for her!!! As i lowered myself between her legs and taking in her lovely pussy i slowly licked and sucked her magic, while reaching up with both hands to pinch her erect flowing and wet...her moans getting more intense with every minute.

After about 15 minutes of pure pleasure for her,she begged for my cock. Moving up while kissing her body as i went, i positioned myself over her with my trobbing cock next to her dripping hole while she begged me to enter i slowly slid in inch by inch and her moans getting louder and louder and i pushed in her...when i was fully in she let out a load pleasureable moan, breaking the slience all around us. All she was saying was "yes,baby, feels sooo good, it"s sooo big" over and over. She moved one hand and started to feel her pussy and after about 10 minutes she let out another passionate moan saying "i'm cumming...give it to me...harder...harder" all the while as i stroke my cock all the way out and ramming it back and out in and out...getting the full effect of my 7 1/2" and really thick cock...this scene went on for about an hour as i brought her to orgasm over and over at least 4 times, the last with me shooting my hot cum in her as she layed with this smile on her face!!! We cleaned ourselves up adjusted our hair and clothes and brought her to her car.

Just thinking and writing about it get's me hard again. We're thinking about another place to have fun...perhaps the beach on a large boulder with the sounds of waves pounding on the rocks...will sure to let you know how it goes...

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