What a night  

rm_lkndllsgrl 37F
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4/24/2005 11:22 am
What a night

I finally got brave enough to have a face to face meet with someone I met off of passion. It wasn't to bad. He was a nice guy. It wasn't what I expected, and definitely not what I wanted. I politely told him I wasn't ready for anything to happen yet. It was only a half lie. Maybe I just wanted something more familiar. After he was on his way, I got up some more nerves to call an old lover. Things just kind of faded between us, no ill feelings, just the reality that we were too different. I asked him if he would like some company and he said yeah, so I went and spent the night wrapped in his arms. It was just what I wanted. Someone familiar and comfortable. Someone that knew exactly what I needed, without explanation. I left right away in the morning, isn't that what guys do? With the mixture of emotions that are flooding my head now, I still feel it was the right thing to do, if any in my current situation. Too bad I already know that the relationship with this guy will never go anywhere, because he knows me so well and it could be so nice.


rm_fillup2469 75M

4/25/2005 9:24 am

Hi lkndllsgrl:
You are probably like a lot of the other females on this site. You want to experience something new but you are afraid to make the move. You might just happen to enjoy it so why not give it a shot? Everyone is different and that my dear is a good thing. Where have I heard that before?

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