For The Conquering  

rm_livin4itall 45M
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7/25/2006 6:43 pm
For The Conquering

I pulled the rope that bound her feet to her ankles hard. Hard enough for her back to arch quickly.
I watched the muscles flex and thought."My I loved the two little dimples.." You know the ones that pop just in between the shoulder blades and the spine....I gazed down the arc of her back. How it lead down to two more tiny indents,just above two pale round cheeks.
Tracing the muscles in her back, every curve with a fingertip,I told her. How she was about to be fucked.
I told her how my cock was about to go down her throat when the gag came off. A hard twist of her nipple let her now that I'd bought plenty of lubricant along to fuck her ass for hours.
I told my little cock slut everything about what was to cum that night.

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