Self Service  

rm_live_in_it 46F
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3/18/2006 2:50 pm

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4/20/2006 5:30 pm

Self Service

Something about the tanning bed makes me hot. Maybe its the confinment or the warmth or the white noise or all of it. I always find my hands wandering over my breasts to squeeze my nipples until I have to take it further. I lick my finger slide it over my clit and deeper into the folds of my pussy. I never go anywhere with out my toys. Today I brought my dildo and slid it deep into my pussy and started fucking myself. I turned over on all fours and kept driving the cock deep into my wet pussy. On my back again with the the cock inside me, I rubbed and squeezed my clit until I exploded. God, I love sex....

rm_trinccpl 38M/39F

3/19/2006 5:07 am

I think it has to do with you being given permission to be naked in a public place and your general inclination to being a dirty slut. With that said, the weather is getting warmer and all I want to do is find excuses to join you outdoors on a mission to find every good place to fuck in the open air. Nature trails, picnic tables to bend you over, open fields, public parking decks, etc... each and every place seems to call out for a visit to have your holes used by me.

rm_live_in_it replies on 3/19/2006 3:33 pm:
Dirty slut I certainly am. your comment made me lick my lips...

rm_lucky125125 47M
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3/20/2006 11:25 am

That sounds like something I would like to see

rm_trinccpl 38M/39F

3/20/2006 5:00 pm

What else shall I have you lick, Slut? Please feel free to share all you like... I'm quite eager to attack and stretch your holes.

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