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7/16/2005 12:20 am

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art of theSTATEof the art

Without the constant spin emanating from the White House it might actually be possible to establish simple defintions of moral principle.

Sure, the previous administration was plagued with the inability to comprehend the concepts of "sexual relations", testifying under oath, and suborning to perjury. But with the advent of Bush II we are witnessing an ideological short-circuit par excellence.

Mssrs. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove have created a state of violently unending chaos in Iraq. And through their intentional distortion of intelligence and outright dissemination of false information as fact, they have reduced the standard of presidential conduct to a new all-time low.

Their attempts at covering-up these actions has proven even shoddier and ill-advised. But do they just cut their losses and let the facts speak for themselves? No, they've decided that although Karl Rove did leak the name of an undercover CIA agent, and although he should have complied with the president's request to cooperate with the investigation, and although that technically constitutes insubordination, a statutory felony, and possibly treason- well, he's Karl Rove and that just makes things different.

And if this somehow starts to smell familiar, then perhaps that's because you remember that good old boy from Texas who paid Dick Cheney to build a baseball stadium in Houston, where a baseball team owned by George W. Bush happened to play.

He also owned a great big energy company that defrauded billions of dollars and then went belly up. Of course the laws that would normally apply to any CEO of a corporation caught red-handed in the process of bankrupting their own employees and investors still don't seem to apply to him- well, he's Ken Lay and that just makes things different.

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