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Now, when a journalist creates a public record of an event, it is generally intended to present objective information for absorption into the collective consciousness. This formerly worthwhile process has become increasingly retarded by the intervention of editorial censorship. Certain parties being more interested in reducing or even eliminating information from the public domain, have become extremely adept at misdirecting the process through bereaucratic sleight of hand.

When two separate, private medical research organizations announced on the same day, that nearly identical independent findings confirm the wrongful deaths of 25,000 IRAQI CIVILIANS, you'd think there'd be at least two sets of strong legs for that story to run on, right?.

Unfortunately for those of us living in post-Orwellian America, the story did not even supercede the importance of a NON-VIOLENT demonstration by Israeli settlers opposed to the withdrawal of illegal settlements from the Gaza Strip. In other words, a story about a demonstration with no deaths, injuries or arrests, was told BEFORE a story about 25,000 DEAD CIVILIANS.

Now of course, I postulate that perhaps the single, most wealthy and influential registered lobbying organization in Washington D.C. might have helped to play some small insignifacnt role in this journalistic sleight of hand. AIPAC, which I just described, is, get this, a lobbying organization wholly owned and operated by the Israeli government. And hey, go check it out bud, cuz' I'm not makin' this up.

Wolf Blitzer was formerly a paid political lobbyist of AIPAC by the way, as are several other prominent TV producers, executives, and reporters. So is it any wonder that the significance of the first organized examination of civilian casualties in Iraq would be marginalized even by NPR?

Remember folks, it's not always how the story is told, or what information is distributed, but the subtlety of the context. And then, there are the stories that are NEVER told. That's what AIPAC is.

Please, I strongly urge you learn more about AIPAC, and the pressure it exerts on your media and public policy makers. This is a story I guarantee no major news magazine or television network will ever investigate!

Damn I miss Bill Moyers!

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