Erotic e-mail to my friend with benifits  

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7/31/2005 11:58 am

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Erotic e-mail to my friend with benifits

This is her to the left, See why I get so worked up thinking of her and those firm God given 36/Ds. She's an awsome chick read on to find out just how awsome.

Glad you’re checking this out and hope you enjoy it. I need to provide a little explanation prior to the story for a full understanding of its content so please be patient, I really think it makes it worth it and that much hotter knowing the build up. I hadn’t really written it with any intention as an erotic story, it actually is a real e-mail that I sent a friend of mine just recently, “a friend with benefits”. So the story lacks some descriptive detail because it was only a personal e-mail I was sending to a woman I’ve been just seeing weekends from out of town when my buddy brings her along with him. We’ve become very passionate, and with much anticipation over her visits. There’s been no communication of, if or what there will be between us, other then some of the most amazing sex either of us have had. We seem to be purely and only sexual soul mates with just an unspoken uninhibited ness about our encounters, able to just naturally connect to provide the highest level of ecstasy the one another has always desired. I sat down one Sat. afternoon after my buddy picked her up to go back home after our play date form the night before and sent her this message. I was going to make it quick and short, send her some pics we had taken, and just write a polite thank you, I had fun, day after phone call type e-mail. All though the detail it lacks as a piece written intended for eroticism I believe it makes up in being a real life experience translated to word from my unedited stream of consciousness, and being able to see the natural transition occur of my expected message to having to continue on to share the images bombarding my mind as I was becoming aroused thinking of her while I typed away. By the way, her response to it was she wanted me to get on-line and watch her web cam as she read it again to show me what it did to her and come Sunday repeatedly contacted me by mail and phone begging for me to drive down to her place for another round. Maybe you will too  here it is just as I sent it to her.

Hey babe, just sending you those pics. Thanks for getting all dolled up and "feminized" for your interview, hey wait a minute I just realized when I called you yesterday you had to get ready and shower, you were playing me all along you didn't have an interview did you? Scandalous! That's all right, you can give what ever reason you want for making yourself look sooooo good, you’re still a tasty piece of eye candy. I really wanted to take you out and around more just to show you off as all mine. If you lived down here you would be, and I'd have to enforce forbidding you from going out without me looking like that. Smile. It wouldn't be a big deal though because I'd take you around as much as you wanted looking like that. If I was with you too I wouldn't even care about you flaunting all you've got stuffed in that low tight top. We could even go out and sit away from each other, let you tease other guys a little, hand on a leg just start letting em sport a little wood. I'd like knowing you’re getting hot yourself, gathering attention and turning other men on, getting a little moist spot spreading across your panties, oh my god, in a sweet little skirt would be the topper. That way after awhile I would wonder over, lean up to the bar on the other side of you, placing a hand on your knee to uncross your legs. Enough to take the long neck I’m holding in the other hand and trace up your thigh with the mouth of the cold glass bottle sending a chill threw you as I pass over one of the most shapely and beautiful pussies I’ve ever seen, picking up a hint of your incredible flavor soaking threw that oh so thin mesh. So thin you wouldn’t miss any stimulation through it, like it isn’t even there, and I’m about to finger you. The whole time I’d be wearing a smooth casual smirk and my eyes would be locked on the other guy, getting a kick out of the totally confused, bewildered look emerging on his face. I’d bring the bottle to my lips, tasting your spice left on the rim before I swallow down my last swig and placing it back on the bar. I’d tell the new friend you’d made, “thank you and your welcome too.” Promptly taking your hand to lead you out the bar, we would duck into the first available place we see, behind the bar, dark corner of the parking lot, behind an open door on the side of my truck strategically parked, what ever we could make work in a pinch. I would turn you around so fast reaching under your skirt to pull your thong aside and lift your skirt up, with your back to me standing strait up, an arm around your font to hold you up and guiding your shoulders forward until you were bent all the way over. Your bare ass pointed right up to me and pushed tight to my waist sparkling in the dim night light I’d have trouble pulling my thick veined cock out my opened pants to give to you, being as full and stiff as it would get. My entire dick would ache from my skin stretching so tight, as all my veins try to pump every last drop of blood to the swollen head of my prick that it just can’t hold anymore. Even this big, I’d only have to slightly part your dripping lips to channel my rod so far into your tight pussy with as wet as it is. But if it weren’t for my bulging head being slicked up too, from a little ejaculation I couldn’t stop in my pants I might not have made it past your lips into your entrance. We’d pause right there, me pushed firm to your hole; I can feel you working the mussels of your opening to bring me inward. It’s ecstasy when your outer edges lose out and defy physics, allowing me to penetrate into all your warmth waiting inside. You’d give way backwards onto me, engulfing all my length with such force when your ass slams into my pelvis it sends rippling waves across both your cheeks. It’s so fucking hot to see that. To hear the uninhibited, animalist groan forced out of your open mouth as I take that breath away, with no consideration I have to take my full palm, breaking the quite night air in a thundering crack, to your supple ass. My hand print grows deep red heating up your flesh, how it must tickle now with the cool night air dancing over it. You reach back to feel the warmth coming off the same spot like a sun burn. It’s a perfect chance for me to grab your wrist, and you draw back your other arm so I’m a hold of both your wrist and you can just let go any balance you’re trying to keep. Freeing you to enjoy the pleasure of my throbbing cock against your inner walls and driving your hips harder and harder into me. In rhythm so my balls hit against your clit every time I stiffen to meet your thrust. A hold of your wrist pulling you to me you can’t move anywhere but to push back harder to me. When you cum I love the feel of you clamping around me squeezing all your juice out to wash over my balls, bathing them in your sex. I can’t hold on anymore as your pussy convulses in orgasm it milks my shaft sucking me dry of every drop of cum I’ve got. Your so insatiable I’d explode, shooting load after load, each one just as forcible as the first for a full minute of solid orgasm until I was empty. My dick pulsating, still trying to give you even more of my cum. I can feel myself right now inside of you, how it would feel for my dick to be swimming in the tons of my hot cream I just gave to you, mixing with all of yours, that you made for me. I’m fantasizing right now, that as I become soft, withdrawing from you, you would take me completely unerect now into your mouth. I’ve always wanted to be completely limp and have a women wrap her lips around my softness encircling her tongue around all of me. I could fit everything in with your lips closed down if I was soft. I want the sensation of your closed mouth wrapped around me and not opening up until I’m hard again, just letting me out inch by inch as I get to big to keep the whole thing in. I want you to trace down the under side of me with just the tip of your tongue all the way down to between my legs and coming back up with the whole flat of your tongue dragging across my balls to the tip. Don’t stop there though, come up my body to my lips and give me a full on wet kiss so I can taste us on your lips.

From there I might drive us to a back country road where we can park. I’d leave the headlights on the truck running and take you to the front bumper where we could start all over again. I’d have you spread em and face the truck grabbing on to the top rail of the brush guard and maybe hike your leg up on to one of the lower bars of the brush guard.
All for now.

I’m gonna leave it at that and you can conclude the story for me. I was only going to send those pics to you and tell you real quick to give me your address and size and I’d have that top from the catalogue we looked at sent to you. Plus I wanted to ask how long it was going to be before you can drive again. I hope everything goes ok on Mon. let me know. There was something else I was gonna tell you but I can’t remember now. Well I gotta get a nap now; I spent most the afternoon writing this. I never do that I just get thinking about you and that’s what happens.
Take care sexy ass,
Oh I was gonna tell you what a thrill and how fun it was to go on our little shopping spree to Victoria Secret, that was a blast, I’ll elaborate more next time but it meant a lot to me, and was really hot you just letting me run wild in there.

Too AdultFriendFinder members -My “e-mail story” trails off in this last paragraph because I just had to get going I was running late to be someplace. However I’d love to hear any continuations you may be inspired to write after reading this. If you were the real life women I had been writing this for how would you respond to reading it in your inbox the next day as my thank you to you for the previous night we’d had? Would you wanna follow through with my suggestion, or how would you like the rest of it to go? Hope it’s gotten you going like it did me as I was writing it, love the feedback even if you just placing a rating to it. Thanks, Lingiminu

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