An impending meet. (the following events occured 6-5-06)  

rm_limerickcpl 36M/34F
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5/21/2006 1:53 am
An impending meet. (the following events occured 6-5-06)

After much dissapointment, and furious hours of searching the meet we have been anticpating for for the past year is finally on.

It started like so many dead ends in the past. I have always believed perserveance to be the key to success. Despite all the fakers, all the dead ends, all the messers, I was determined that there were young, fit attracitve likemeinded couples out there somewhere!

It started out like any other dead end email exchange. A 'couple' she 20, bi curious he 25. Both fit and attrative. Nothing we hadn't heard a hundered times before, only to have it amount to nothing. We suggest the girls chat on the phone to establish if there was female presence at the other end of the emails. Not a good time was the reply. Ah well another dead end, or so we thought.....

You can ring me tomorrow. What the hell with not much to loose we place the call. "Hello", "Its definalty a girl". All of a sudden, this exchange is infinatly more promising. A chat ensues and it emerges that the girl is well spoken, artiulate and sexy sounding college student. She has never done anything like this before so there is a nervousnous in her voice. We are both looking for the same things so this could be the start of a beautiful friendship....

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