"Virgins" Welcome -her first time  

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4/24/2006 1:31 am

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"Virgins" Welcome -her first time

It was quite unexpected....
I answered a personal add on a free site for a "women looking for women" no photo just the basic add..then you can respond...
She answered back the next day...after some written volleying, and a chat on the phone,I sent my photo, then we made a date to meet.

She did tell me she's married,and was in the area to finish up a course and would be leaving in a week or two.
Her nickname is Candy(hse told me her real name),,,perfect!...my first encounter was with a gal named Candy.We had lost touch many years ago, did she come back and find me?

I was able to pick her out at the restuarant easily since it wasnt packed and she was the only dark haired gal sitting alone.
NICE looking! very cute hair cut,low cut top.
We both seemed to have an interest toward each other right away.
I asked a few pertinent questions. Like how long have you been BI.
"For many years" she says..."about 20", she's in her mid 40's.
As we sat and shared a nacho platter and wine,
I finally said, "do you want to follow me to my place?"
She said "sure,but you need to know that I have never been with a woman."

Wow really,,, that was interesting now. How is it she knows she's been bi for so long and
is so willing to come with me?
What am I in for anyway? Someone timid? Too shy?
Is she gonna just flake out when we get there and change her mind?

I told her that she would be fine and I would be a good teacher.

It had been too frickn' long since I had been with a woman I didnt mind at all,but didn't know what I was in for with this "virgin" but I was sure willing to find out!

When we arrived I put on only one low light with a couple candles also.. soft music with alot of interesting sounds. We had some wine, then I took her hand as she stood infront of me with wine in the other,but before I had a chance to do anything... she put down the glass and leaned in to kiss me.
HUH! Good, not shy anyway!
We moved into the bedroom and we both started to take clothing off. She left the bra and panties on but they were pretty. I left on only my black and red silk panties.
We laid down and began a wonderful kissing session. I love to kiss, all over. I unhooked her bra,let it fall off and began to tease her with my hair and tongue. After some playing there I slipped the panties off and she started to groan a bit... very slightly. It was so sweet to be there again, yes "Candy" all right!

I kept at it for awhile and she let go...but she was so soft about it I wasnt sure...
I crawled up to her neck and breasts again kissing all along.
I had some strawberries ready to eat and I said "this is where they come in now."
Her reactions were always very welcoming..so I took a strawberry bit the end off and rubbed it on her nipples,all around then licking and sucking... we both were in heaven!
I traced the berry down her stomach to her thighs and then the lips between her thighs...rubbing on the sweetness of the fruit then licking it off then ate it.I took another berry and traced her lips with it,then took it to her mouth and had her eat it. She was accepting of anything I did.

I wondered when she would want to take over but knowing that this was very new to her I wanted to really treat her and make her first time very memorable.

Candy finally rolled me onto my back, our mouths both hungry for more kissing.
Candy slipped my panties off then went down on me.Eager to taste and play....she really surprised me with her ease and had no reservation! This was so great!

I asked if she minded if I brought out a "toy". No problem... thats when things got really good. I showed her a couple of other "pleasantries", she loved it all.
I sure enjoyed how gentle and cuddly she was. Candy loved wrapping her legs around me and stroking my face and hair....we fell asleep with her leg and arm over my body.
Ahhh... just what I needed!
What a super night...with a lovely woman. I would have never known she was new to this had she not told me.
I complimented her and said that I hope she has time again before she leaves.

Candy wrote me the next day and said.."thankyou for taking my "virginity" it was wonderful."

rm_lilypond3 58F
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5/5/2006 12:28 am

Looking at this today I noticed that there have been about 42 views of my blog but no comments.
Curious...too hot to handle? NOT..

Got ya going so you had to leave and take care of business and no time to comment?
Would like to hear a comment or two... what do ya think?

budda4u2 72M
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10/17/2006 1:26 pm

Hi Lily, have read your blogs. most interesting. you do know that most of those feelings are a desire and that desire can be filled my a man as well as a woman. just have to find the right man. I enjoyed chatting with you today. look forward to chatting again. lets talk soon, Until that time, Budda (bill)

CavesFinnyHollo 66M
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11/14/2006 6:41 pm

really a sexy sensual story. seeing you"take her" was super and her responding was yummy.

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