Suprise Birthday Part Three  

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8/10/2005 10:52 am

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Suprise Birthday Part Three

Birthday Surprise Part Three

We all stood up together and walked to the center of the room. Joe reached over and kissed me, thanking me for such a wonderful present.
“My pleasure sweetheart”, I replied.
The girls had taken a seat on the floor, so we joined them. Joe began kissing the blond, running his hands across her body, settling on her tits. Lowering his head, he took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked on it while his other hand caressed her ass. She gently pushed him into a horizontal position and leaned over his face to let him continue to play with her beautiful breast. The redhead took a position on one side of his body and I lay on the other side. Grabbing hold of his rapidly hardening rod, she lowered her head and slid the head into her mouth. The blond was on her hands and knees on my side so I reached behind her and began stroking her very wet pussy.
“Oh yeah. Play with my pussy while your man sucks my tits”, she moans.
With this encouragement, I slid my first two fingers slowly into her hot little hole. I rose up onto my knees and moved so I could reach her better and so I could watch Joe sucking her tits while the redhead sucked his cock. For a few min. I fingered the blond, slow and deep while watching the redhead slide her lips up and down Joe’s shaft. She withdrew his cock and began to stroke him up and down. She then moved to position herself directly between his legs where she could jack him off and use her tongue and mouth to lick and suck his sack. I heard him gasp when she took the whole thing into her mouth and increased the speed of her hand movement. I stopped what I was doing, stood up and straddled Joe’s hard, pulsing cock. Leaning back, I gave her access to my clit and told her to suck it while I rode his rod. It sent shockwaves through my body. She sucked my clit for a few seconds, and then would lower her head to lick his balls while I bounced up and down. As I neared my climax, I told her to lick and suck me while I got off. I closed my eyes and increased my sped on his cock. With my movement and the position we were in, her mouth caused a friction that sent me over the edge. As I came, I stopped moving and Joe began thrusting his cock in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Her lips were completely covering my clit and the sensation of her sucking and him fucking sent me over the edge. I screamed out loud. I came so hard my legs shook uncontrollably. As I came to the end, Joe withdrew his cock and she licked and sucked up all my juices and licked Joe clean as well. He didn’t get off which was good. He had a lot of stamina. The redhead rose up and walked over to a bag lying near the door. Out of it she took a strap on dildo and walked over to me.
“Will you fuck me in the ass while I ride his cock? I love to be ass fucked and it’s even better with two cocks inside of me”, she explained.
“Yes I will”, I said becoming very excited at the thought.
She helped me put it on and handed me a bottle of lube. The blond had mounted Joe’s face with her front toward us. I wanted to watch for a couple of min so I instructed her to sit on his cock first. Straddling him, she guided his dick into her pussy and slowly began to ride him. The blond was balancing on one knee and her leg bent and slightly angled away from Joe’s face. She was holding the lips of her cunt open and rubbing her pussy all over his face. I stood there, getting extremely turned on by the sight of these gorgeous bodies face fucking and cock fucking my man.
The blond was grinding her pussy into his mouth, humping his mouth and varying how fast she would move her hips.
“Eat that pussy….. suck my clit hard….fuck yeah… eat pussy so good…..ummmmm”, she encouraged him.
The more she talked the more intense he got. She would tease him by raising up high enough that only his tongue could barely reach her, and then grind her pussy into his mouth.
The redhead was still riding his cock and started sucking on the blonds tits at the same time. I walked up behind her and opened the lube up. Coating the strap on and her asshole, I sat the bottle down. I put the head of the plastic cock on her asshole and very gently began working the head of it in. With slow, short strokes I worked it in. With each stroke, I put it in a little deeper each time. Soon I had buried the strap on into her ass and she moaned and groaned with each thrust. She had stopped moving so Joe, holding onto her hips, thrust his dick into her pussy. I was going slowly and deep and he would fuck her shallow and fast. Then we changed speed. He would slow down and fuck her slowly and I would start pounding her ass with short strokes. I could tell she was definitely into anal sex. I went from being on my knees to squatting on my feet so I could watch Joe eat out the blond, the redhead suck her tits and fuck her in the ass.
“Fuck my ass…..harder…..put it all the way in…..I love it!!!” she was getting louder and I could tell she was close to cumming. It didn’t take long. When she finally reached climax, she ground her pussy hard on Joe’s cock and told me to fuck her hard and fast. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could and felt her begin to tremble. She exploded and let out a scream that showed how intensely the sensation was. With this happening, the blond also began cumming in Joe’s mouth. She, too, was very vocal and let out a scream of pleasure. When they had reached the end, Joe announced his own orgasm. I pulled out of the redhead, she scooted down to position her mouth over his cock, I did the same and the blond leaned forward. I began to stroke his cock up and down. It was only a matter of seconds. He started to cum and we all leaned into it so he could cum all over our faces. We all got a taste and when he had finished, we began to kiss each other and lick off the jism that remained on our lips and chins.
“OH MY GOD!” Joe yelled, “that was fucking great.”
With that declaration, the three of us got up, dismounted Joe and began to get dressed. After all was dressed and things were put away, the girls said good bye to Joe. He thanked them for such a fantastic birthday and told them goodbye. I walked them to the door where they handed me their personal business cards and told me they had a really great time. They also told me to definitely call again and they would love a repeat performance of the evening’s events. I assured them I would and kissed them both goodbye. As I closed the door, I knew it had been money well spent.

The end

bigAl25 64M

8/25/2005 8:08 am

I'd love a copy of their card. My birthdday is coming up and that would be a great gift.

It's fun to eat pussy when your dick is being sucked

latinloverx69 48M

9/2/2005 9:39 am

U have some great fantasies and adventures

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10/2/2005 9:30 am

I have read lot of other blogs. But your's are simply the best. Keep writing.I would love to hear about your real life sexual experiences.

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