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My Erotic Stories

I have always enjoyed reading erotic stories and have a very vivid imagination myself. This is the first story I have begun to create in parts. Let me know your thoughts and if I should continue.

Birthday Surprise
Part One

When you’ve been together for many years each birthday becomes more and more challenging. Finding a great gift and also something that hasn’t been previously given before is the challenge. I knew that Joe wasn’t expecting anything extravagant but I loved the reaction I got when he received his birthday surprise. This year would be a challenge. We have always done everything together, as a couple. When I came up with this year’s birthday present, I felt as if this should be no different. While he was at work, I labored cleaning the house, getting all the arrangements made for the evening and making sure the setting was perfect. He would arrive promptly at 5:15 pm and do what he did every night which was shower, watch the six o’clock news, eat dinner and spend some time with me before retiring. I had not let on that there would be any fuss about his birthday so he was expecting to perhaps go out to eat, catch a flick and return home to finish the evening in bed getting his “birthday blowjob” from me as he had each year previously. But not tonight. As the time drew near, I hoped that the timing would work out that he was in the shower by 5:25 and that would give me about fifteen min to set the stage. As expected, he arrived home at the usual time, pecked me on the cheek and told me he was going to shower.
“Okay”, I replied, “but when you get finished just meet me at the living room door and stay there. Okay?”
Puzzled, he agreed, figuring I had something planned for his birthday. Boy would he be surprised all right!
I could here the water running and figured he would first shave and then shower. As I went over things in my head to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, there was a soft knock at the front door. Hurrying to answer it before it got louder and he heard it; I swung open the front door.
Standing on my front porch was two very beautiful young women. I had requested one blond and one redhead. I was to be the brunette. Both were in their mid twenties. The blond was about 5’7, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, full lips and flawless complexion. She was thin but had curves in all the right places. I had made it especially clear that both women were to be busty and I was pleased to see that the request was honored. The redhead was slightly shorter than the blond, short cropped hair, green eyes and an equally sensual mouth. She was darker skinned than the blond and that made the pair very erotic looking together. I knew that Joe would approve.
I quickly and quietly ushered the girls into the living room and told them to go ahead and make themselves comfortable, if they understood what I meant. Smiling and nodding their heads to show they understood the instructions, the blond entered first, carrying a duffel bag and the redhead followed, quietly closing the door behind them. I had also requested no names be known as this was to be as anonymous as possible and the only words to be spoken by either of the girls were to be in the throes of passion or of a “dirty talking” nature. Now all I had to do was wait for Joe to get out of the bathroom. The anticipation was killing me. I could barely contain my excitement. I walked over to the bar and mixed him his favorite drink, Jack and Ginger and stood by the entrance to the living room, waiting. As I stood there, I began to hear voices coming from the living room. Slight moans and soft encouragements. I so badly wanted to take a peak but forced myself to wait until I was joined by my man. This service had been recommended to me by one of my closest friends. She had done a similar thing for her and her husband’s anniversary. She said it was the most enjoyable time that either of them had ever had and strongly recommended that I tried it. Setting it up was very simple. I called the number, was asked a few questions concerning our relationship, health issues and sexual preference. After I answered all the questions, I was asked to describe exactly what I wanted to happen, what I preferred girls to look like and where and how they were to arrive at my destination. I was shocked to learn how simple it actually was and very relieved that the process was so comfortable and confidential.

I heard the water in the shower cut off and heard the shower curtain being pushed aside. It would only be a few more minuets until I would present my birthday present to Joe and hoped he would like it. I was fairly sure he would. Several moments later, the bathroom door opened and out stepped my birthday boy. I stood there grinning like the cat that just ate the canary.
“What are you smiling about? What have you schemed up this time?” he playfully teased me. Not saying a word, I handed him his drink, took him by the hand and opened the door to heaven.

As we entered the candle lit room, the scene that was playing out on the couch caused Joe to completely stop dead in his tracks. I glanced back at him to see his reaction. He looked at me, then at the girls on the couch and back at me.
“What….who….how?” he stammered.
“Just come sit with me on the love seat and enjoy the show”, was my only reply.
I lead him over to the love seat and pulled him down beside me. He couldn’t take his eyes off the girls. The blond was in a white, nipple-less bra, white lace panties, white garter, thigh highs and stiletto heels. She was on her knees and laying spread eagle in front of her was the redhead in the exact same outfit except hers was black. They were angled perfectly where we could see everything that was going on. The blond was sucking and licking on the redheads nipples. Every so often she would lightly bite one making the redhead moan and causing the nipple to harden even more than it already was. After spending ample time teasing her nipples and kissing her ever so sensually, the blond lowered herself so she was directly between the redhead’s legs. Pushing her legs back slightly to expose all of the sensitive areas, the blond began to nibble and suck on the crotch of her panties. Teasing her by lightly biting her clit, running her tongue up and down the panties from clit to asshole, applying just the right amount of pressure to cause the redhead to get so excited that she began begging the blond to take off her panties and plunge her tongue deep inside her pussy.
As this scenario unfolded, I watched Joe’s reaction. He was completely entranced. His already dark eyes took on a smoldering appearance, his breathing had become heavier and without realizing it, he had begun to massage his cock through his pants. He was not only enjoying the show but was immensely turned on by it. This was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I turned to see what was going on now.
The redhead got her wish. Removing her very damp panties, the blond further pushed back the girl’s legs and with a very long and thick tongue began to plunge it deep into her hot, wet cunt.
“Oh yeah baby”, the redhead panted, “tongue fuck my pussy. Harder. Deeper. Faster. Fuck it good!”
I heard Joe moan and he was squirming in his seat. The blond obeyed every command she was given. As she lifted her head, you could see her tongue, dripping with juices, slide out of the redhead’s pussy and just as quickly, she would plunge it back in as deep as she could force it. The redhead reached down and grabbed the back of her head and with each thrust, she would rise her cunt up to meet her tongue.
“Can you both see how good she’s tonguing my hot, wet cunt?” she gasped.
“What do you want her to do to me? Whatever you want, we are eager to please you.”
“Suck her clit” Joe replied, “but suck it like you would a cock. I want to see that clit grow hard just like my cock would with your beautiful lips wrapped around it.”
The blond was only too happy to oblige. It was obvious that the two of them enjoyed each other immensely and would do anything that was requested of them. As she did exactly what Joe told her, he unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his pants down enough to release this incredibly erect dick. He reached over to me and put his hand behind my head to guide my already watering mouth down to his throbbing member. As I took him into my mouth, I heard Joe giving additional instructions to the girls.
“I want you to insert two fingers into her hot little hole and finger fuck her pussy while sliding your tongue down to tease her ass.” The excitement in his voice was undeniable. I had hoped this would go over well but I never expected it to be this great. Never taking his hand off the back of my head, the lifts his hips up to slide his cock deep into my mouth. My pussy is dripping by this time because of all that has happened and because I love sucking him off.
“Oh yeah. Now, add another finger and fuck her harder. Go back to sucking her swollen clit until she cums all over your face. Suck that clit good. Make her cum. Fuck that hot, wet pussy hard and fast. I want to see your face glisten from her juices.”
As he is giving instructions, he holds my head steady and fucks my mouth with short strokes. I can hear both of the girls moaning and the redhead is screaming that she is going to cum all over her face.
“Don’t stop! Fuckin’ suck that clit! Pound that pussy! Yeah, yeah, I’m cumming!!!” she screams at the top of her lungs.
The blond groans in anticipations and as the redhead is thrusting upward and the blond is sucking and fucking her cunt, Joe thrust two more short times and then slides his cock all the way into my mouth and fills it with his sweet cum. Throwing his head back and continuing to face fuck me, the redhead has reached the end of her climax and the blond is slurping up all the sweet cum that resulted from a very incredible head job. I swallowed every delicious drop of what Joe gave me. After releasing my head, I licked the entire shaft clean and ran my tongue around his balls to make sure I got every last drop. Lifting my head up to look at him, he raised his up to look at me. Smiling at each other we didn’t have to say a word. This was going to be one of the most incredible sexual experiences we had shared in our entire relationship.
“That was unbelievable”, murmured Joe.
“And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet baby”, was my reply.
I had these girls for the entire evening. We were just getting warmed up.
“This is just the beginning,” I told him. “The night is young and I’m in the mood to fuck!”

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