Making the Grade - Part V - Finale  

rm_lilgypsee 46F
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10/3/2005 11:30 am

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Making the Grade - Part V - Finale

Making the Grade
Part V- Finale

Alex sat upright in the recliner and pushed it back into a reclining position. Teri mounted her face with a knee on each side of Alex’s head and lowered her head between her legs. Alex grabbed a hold of Teri’s tight little ass and using her tongue, began flicking it across her already hard clit. Moaning with pleasure, Teri returned the favor and lapped up the wetness she had created only moments before. Licking and tonguing each other’s pussies, the two women moaned words of encouragement to each other.
“Yeah baby…..suck my clit up and down…..tongue my hole deep with that long, hard tongue”, Teri murmured.
“Like this?” Alex said as she sucked her clit into her mouth and shook her head from side to side. Letting go only long enough to plunge her tongue deep into Teri’s wet cunt and fuck her with her cock-like tongue.
“Yesssss……just like that” Teri exclaimed, rocking her hips back and forth and returning to Alex’s pussy. The two women continued to please each other for a little while longer and decided they wanted to change locations.
Dismounting Alex’s face, Teri kissed her passionately and proceeded to lead her over to the couch. Teri got on her hands and knees with her knees on the arm of the couch to elevate her ass and pussy for easier access. Alex got behind her and using her hands began stroking her tight, dripping wet slit.
“Would you like me to use a toy to make your pussy quiver?” Alex said in a low, sexy tone.
“Please….fuck me with a big, hard cock and suck my clit so I can cum in your mouth” begged Teri almost in a whisper.
Alex walked over to the bag and chose a nine inch black cock and lubed it up. Walking back behind Teri, she rubbed the head of the toy up and down her slit. Teri began to rock her hips. Positioning the head at Teri’s pussy opening, she slowly, with short, slow strokes, worked the large latex member into the tight place and within a few min she had it buried in Teri’s cunt.
“Oh my God…fuck me a little faster and tongue fuck my asshole” begged Teri. Alex did exactly what she asked. Increasing the speed but not the stroke, Alex fucked Teri deep and fast and lowered her head and used her tongue to tease Teri’s little brown asshole at the same time. This caused Teri to rock her hips even more, pushing against both the toy and the tongue. Alex reached up and began pinching Teri’s nipple which added to the intense pleasure she was already experiencing. When the two almost couldn’t take it anymore, Teri stood up with the rubber cock still embedded in her pussy and sat on the couch. Alex went quickly to the bag once again and retrieved another equally large, pink cock and brought it over to the couch. Teri was ramming the black rod in and out of her pussy, fucking herself while Alex ready herself on the floor between Teri’s legs. Bringing the newest toy to Teri’s mouth, Alex instructed her to suck it and make it wet. Doing what she was told, Alex took over the other cock and slide it in and out of Teri’s cunt while sliding the other tool in and out of her mouth. When she felt it was wet enough, she brought it down to her own pussy lips and worked it into her hole.
“Are you ready to cum all over my face, little girl?” Alex said teasingly.
“Fuck yeah I am” panted Teri, “Will you suck my clit while you fuck both of our pussies?” Teri spread her pussy lips apart to allow her access without her having to use her own hands.
Without replying, Alex lowered her head and flicked her tongue across Teri’s rock hard clitoris. After a couple of strokes, she gently sucked it into her mouth and pulled her head back and forth like she was sucking a miniature cock while fucking her deep, fast and hard. Without missing a beat, Alex rammed the other toy at the same pace into her own wetness. Teri had a perfect view. She could watch Alex suck and fuck her and also see her fuck herself at the same time.
“Suck it Alex…..suck my clit like you would suck a hard, throbbing rod….fuck my pussy harder….faster….fuck your pussy harder…..faster” Teri felt herself getting ready to explode.
“I want us to cum at the same time” Teri exclaimed.
Alex worked both cocks in and out of both of them, sucking Teri’s clit with vigor. Teri announced that she was going to cum and grabbed the back of Alex’s head. As she exploded into orgasm, Alex started cumming at the exact same moment. Teri rammed her clit into Alex’s mouth and fucked her face as she was rocked by waves of intense pleasure. Alex never missed a stroke and brought them both to the edge of maximum orgasmic waves. As the intensity began to subside, Alex lifted her head and slowed her strokes. Teri sat up and licked the cum from Alex’s lips. Pulling out her own devices of ecstasy first, Alex offered it to Teri who hungrily drank up the sweet juices left by Alex’s pussy and Alex removed Teri’s toy and licked and sucked all the wetness from it.
Utterly spent from the nights activities, both women curled up together on the floor in front of the fire place falling into a deep slumber in each others arms.

The end!!

rm_TommyBarr 57M
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10/3/2005 3:36 pm

I love all your sexy stories. I felt like I was there across the room watching you and stroking my throbbing cock. You put on a great show and made me cummmmm. Keep it up and so will I.


rm_WntrHwkS 66M
3 posts
10/3/2005 4:52 pm

This was one of the most erotic arousing stories I have ever read. I only wish I could have been involved to bring you both to orgasm together.

draftnightshift 60M

10/4/2005 7:51 am

Great story I would love to meet you any time I;m from So.In.

rm_clitoral_man 51M
605 posts
10/18/2005 4:01 pm

Luv your lusty imagination and stories lilgypsee! Absolutely the most erotic I've read on this site! You have me hard, throbbing and looking forward to cumming back for more!


rm_lilgypsee 46F
2 posts
12/22/2005 6:01 pm

Thanx so much for the compliment! It's nice to know that my erotic imagination is appreciate! I will continue to post and hope you will continue to read and comment on each one. Have a Happy Ho Ho and a specatular 2006!

goatmoe2 50M
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12/28/2005 8:26 am

Nice work Lilgypsee,, It was a pleasure reading your work, I can tell that you enjoyed writing it. That is what is truly important.. Its your story.. I would like set down sometime and write with you.. Its always a pleasure to see a woman that can express herself the way you do with your words. I bet you have no problem expressing yourself physically either.. Keep up the good work..

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