Making the Grade Part III  

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8/30/2005 8:34 pm

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Making the Grade Part III

Although not quite as equip as Mr. Thomas, Mr. Brown’s tool was nothing to be ashamed of. Teri grabbed his hips and began to move him in and out of her mouth. Mr. Thomas was bouncing her up and down on his cock, varying the speed and intensity of his thrusts. Holding her by the hips he was able to fuck her in short fast strokes, only sliding in about half way while watching her young hot pussy suck him in. Then changing it up by slowing down and thrusting his 10’ cock all the way up inside her with just enough force that it would send a tingle all the way down to Teri’s toes.
“How’s that feel Teri? Do you like it when I ram my big dick hard and deep into your tight little cunt?” All Teri could do is moan. Mr. Black was holding the sides of her head so she couldn’t move it and was fucking her mouth. Neither of them were ready to cum yet. The enjoyment of being able to use Teri’s body anyway they wanted to was to good to blow their wads quickly. Mr. Brown pulled his cock out of Teri’s mouth. Teri bounced up and down a few more times, loving the sensation before dismounting Mr. Thomas’ hard rod. She turned to face him and straddled him once again, offering him a nipple to suck on. Greedily he took it in his mouth and nibbled, licked and sucked first on one, then the other.
“Stick your cock in my ass”, Teri pleaded, desperately wanting to have both men fucking her at the same time. Mr. Brown spit in his palm and used it to lubricate Teri’s asshole. Positioning himself, first he gently worked the head of his cock into her tight puckered hole. It took some effort but he finally got the head in.
“Ohhhhh yeah….. I love to be fucked in the ass…..put it all the way in,” she begged. Mr. Thomas had stopped moving and Teri raised up slightly to allow him to use slow, short strokes to work the rest of his cock inside. With every thrust, he was able to work it in a little deeper each time until he had buried it all the way in.
“Now fuck me hard…..pound your cocks deep inside me and don’t stop until we all cum.” Mr. Brown grabbed Teri by the hair and Mr. Thomas held her up enough so both men could do exactly what they had be told to do. With both cocks pounding in and out of her pussy and ass, Teri thought she would explode. Mr. Brown showed no mercy as he pulled his cock out all the way and jammed it into her open and ready asshole. Mr. Thomas fucked her just as hard but with a faster thrust.
“Fuck me…..fuck me…..harder…..make me cum!!!!”
With her head being pulled back every time he entered her, this added to the excitement. It didn’t take too long before the moans became cries of sheer ecstasy.
“I’m gonna cum in your tight little asshole, Teri,” Mr. Brown announced. And with that, Teri felt his cock begin to pulsate and fill her ass with his hot jism. He pumped in and out with extreme force until he had finished, pulling out and letting go of her hair. Hot cum dripped out and down the back of her legs. This sent Teri over the edge and she slammed her pussy up and down on Mr. Thomas’ meat, riding the wave and squealing with delight. After she had finished, Mr. Thomas announced it was his turn. Teri quickly jumped off, dropped to her knees and just as she put her mouth to the head of his cock, he shoot off a load that filled her mouth, spilled down her chin and dribbled onto her tits. She swallowed every drop she could get and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking like a newborn pup. When he had reached the end, Teri licked him clean, taking care to suck up any nectar that may have dripped down the shaft or on to his balls.
Teri stood up and surveyed the scene. Both men looked very satisfied and completely spent.
“So gentlemen….does this mean I passed your class?” grinning, she knew the answer to her own question.
“As far as I’m concerned” Mr. Brown answered, “you have an A++ in my class.”
All Mr. Thomas could do was nod his head in agreement.
“I know that this only happened because I needed to earn a better mark in both of your classes but I would love a repeat performance if you’re both interested?”
Teri didn’t even have to pose that question. These sexual escapades would be regular occurrence for the three of them for the rest of the school year. Gathering up her clothing and getting dressed, Teri gave each of the men a kiss.
“There’s one more teacher I have to convince,” she informed them as she headed toward the door.
“Which class is that?” asked Mr. Thomas.
“P.E.” she answered.
“That’s Ms. Stone’s class, isn’t it?” questioned Mr. Black.
Looking over her shoulder, Teri just winked and walked out the door.

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9/4/2005 3:14 pm

Wow! Great story, lilgypsee.

I'm glad to see that women my age fantasize about getting butt-fucked.

I'll be heading for the Vaseline, in a few minutes, fantasizing about butt-fucking YOU, lady. I hope you don't mind...

In the meantime, for more butt-fucking fantasies (and encounters), visit my blog.

Lust and butt-kisses,

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