Making the Grade Part 1  

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Making the Grade Part 1

Making the Grade
Part I

Teri’s parents were going to kill her! Not literally, but socially. She couldn’t bear the thought of that happening. It was bad enough that they forced her to attend an All Girls Private High School but they were incredible strict as well. Lying and sneaking around had become a daily occurrence for Teri if she wanted to hang out with her friends or see a boy. It was becoming tiresome having sex in back seats, under bleachers or where ever they could meet up. Teri had been sexually active since the age of fifteen and now almost eighteen, she discovered her appetite was only growing stronger and she needed more variety to satisfy her.
Back to the problem, her failing Biology, Algebra and P.E. Teri had to devise a plan on how to get those grades changed or her ass was grass.
Biology and algebra were taught by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Black. P.E. was taught by Ms. Fisher, a confirmed lesbian. Teri knew how to handle the situation. Being a very attractive young woman, Teri was well aware of the attention she drew. Especially from certain teachers at the high school. This she would use to her advantage. First she would need wardrobe. Digging out a uniform from last year, Teri began to make the alteration. Shortening the skirt, making the shirt a bit more enticing, she wanted to make sure it was something to suit the occasion. She then snuck into her mother’s dresser drawers and took a matching black lace bra and panty set and her black garter as well. Teri made sure to hide her items well into her book bag so as not to arouse suspicion. Now all she need was an alibi to cover her for tomorrow night. Teri called her best friend and asked her to cover and asked if she needed to could she sneak in during the night to crash there. Of course it was okay with her and she cleared it with her mom so if Teri’s mom called she would be told that same story. With everything in place, Teri got ready for bed. She crawled under the covers and turned off the bedside lamp. Too excited to sleep, she began to play with her nipples. Hardening under her expert touch, she then moved one hand between her legs and began stroking her pussy through her panties. This caused her to quicken her breathing and get very excited. Moving her panties over, Teri inserted two fingers into her wet cunt and used the other hand to caress her very hard clitoris. Very much getting into it, she began to fantasize about tomorrow and rock her hips back and forth, increasing both the speed of her finger fucking her pussy and stroking her clit. Pulling her legs back further, she pushed her fingers even deeper inside and started lightly patting her clit. With the sexual perversion running through her head, her fingers pounding in and out of her dripping hole and her finger working feverishly on her erect clit, Teri began to cum. Thrashing around and trying not to cry out, she brought herself to a climatic end, her juices flowing. Removing her fingers, she put them into her mouth as so to taste the sweetness she caused. Teri readjusted her panties and fell into a very deep sleep. Tomorrow would prove to be a very interesting day indeed.

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