the story i wrote  

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7/12/2005 2:40 pm

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the story i wrote

i decided to put my sotry up so here it is

It was a cold, rainy night.Christines room had been brightened by candles that were now extinguishing themselves.Christine slept soundlessly in her water bed between black silk sheets.As her bed room door slowly creaked open she mearly rolled over making the sheet slip reveling her 38 D breasts.If she'd of woken she would have been shocked to see her best friend, Danielle, standing in her doorway soaked,covered in mud and teary-eyed.Danielle slowly and sadly turned to leave and as she reached to shut the door Christine awoke and turned on her lamp as she pulled the sheet up to cover herself.Christine had been dreaming of the day when she could tell Danielle that she loved her and needed her.But because Danielle constantly had a bf she never bothered to say anythnig.She realized that now maybe her chance."Dani," she whispered.Danielle turned back and ran to her friend stoping just short of Christine's bed not wanting to get the sheets dirty.As Christine asked her what was wrong her eyes filled with tears again.She was thinking of how her now x bf had just tried to her in his car.She had just narrowly escaped and had to run to get home.The ground slipery from the down pour made it inevitable that she would fall in the mud.She sant to the floor and wept.Christne climbed out of bed leavng her sheet behind her revealing that she had slept naked.She reached Danielle and held her close.Danielle looked greatfully at her friend and had calmed slightly.As Danielle allowed Christine to dry her tears she looked deeply into Christine's blue-green eyes and saw great concern.Danielle sighed then spoke "I'm sorry to have woken u,its just that......." Danielle had paused."what?" asked Christine sweetly.Danielle answered "well ur always there for me and I know I can trust u." "yes," said Christine who listened with great intensity to Danielle's story of the nights events.Christine thought to herself "how could anyone hurt Danielle? She's beautiful,her long blonde hair shimmering like gold in the sun,her innocent hazel eyes,her lucious lips, wonderful body and sweet personality.Danielle was 5'5.115 lbs and not as big as Christine but had nice 38c breasts.Christine loved everything about Danielle.Christine listened as Danielle finished her story.Then she held her tighter then let go as she moved to her dresser to get out a nighty for Danielle.Danielle had realized that she had gotten mud all over Christine before she turned around,giving her a perfect view of her ass.Danielle had a sudden urge to go up to christine and squeeze her perfect ass.Christine turned to ask Danielle what nighty she wanted.Danielle was lost in thought then realized that she had been asked something,"what?" Danielle spoke quietly.Christine held up a couple of nighties and Danielle's reply was " Neither, I think I'll just sleep in nothing tonight,but first i need a shower," "ok" replied she put the nighties away. Danielle spoke again "u should shower too i got mud all over u",Christine nodded and had become extremely wet, since she had ben thinking of Danielle sleeping naked and now going to take a shower with her and watch the water and soap bubbles run down Danielle's hot body.Christine then snapped back to reality and was watching Danielle.Danielle didnt notice because she was lost in thought again,wanting very much to thank Christine somehow,as she tried to think she started to strip out of her wet muddy clothes down to her white bra and matching thong,still unaware that Christine was watching her intensly.Soon Danielle was naked.Christine turned away quickily leading the way to her large bathroom,where she steped into the shower Danielle followed her closely,thoughts still running through her head,she barely noticed that Christine had turned on the water and was now washing herself.Then Danielle watched as Christine washed her shoulder length black hair,as she tiped her head back Danielle had an urge to start kissing her neck, but instead she started to wash herself.Then Christine asked," would u like me to wash ur back for u?" Danielle nodded then when her back was washed she turned to Christine and was about to speak when Christine suddenly grabbed her and started kissing her,she stood there slightly shocked and started to enjoy the kiss but Christine quickly pulled away and spoke " I'm sorry i shouldnt have done that," she turned away and looked at the shower floor " i couldnt help it,i...." Danielle turned Christine back to her and put a finger to Christine's lips to quiet her " its ok " said Danielle softly."have u done a lot of stuff with girls?" she asked Christine, then quickly added " i havent and ive wanted to so i was thinking maybe u and i could do some stuff." Christine smiled with relief then said " yes i have done a few things with other girls and i'd love to do stuff with u id do anything u would ask me to."Christine paused then said " i love u Dani." At the sound orf these words Danielle couldnt help but pull Christine close to her and start kissing her deeply,sliding her tounge into her mouth to massage Christine's.Christine was kissing Danielle back just as deeply and began sucking on Danielle's tounge.They soon broke the kiss and got out of the shower not bothering to dry off they hurried to Christines bed and began kissing again.Christine pushed Danielle so she was now laying down on the bed."ready for ur 1st time with a girl?" grined Christine."yes" smiled Danielle.Christine started lightly kissing Danielle's neck,as her hands roamed Danielles body and found her breasts,begining to massage them."mmmmmm yes" sighed Danielle in pleasure.Christine slowly worked her way to Danielle's right breast kissing it all over then lightly flicking Danielle's nipple with her tounge before starting to suck on it while gently pinchingher other nipple as Danielle moaned quietly.After a while Christine switched sides this time sucking and pinching Danielle's nipples harder, making Danielle gasp in pleasure.Now Christine kissed her way down Danielle's smooth slim stomach to her beautiful shaved pussy.Christine slowly dipped her tounge into Danielle loving the taste of her,she began to massage Danielles clit with her tounge,Danielle's moans became louder now.Christine teased Danielle's clit till Danielle said " baby i need something big and i want it hard and fast," Christine grined and got her 18in dildo out and slamed it hard into Danielle making her scream in pain and pleasure.Christine pumped it in and out fast making Danielle yell Christines name "oh Christine" as Danielle got louder Christine slamed the dildo in and out of her faster and harder.Danielle moaned "more baby im going to orgasm." At this Christine thrust it into Danielle as hard and fast as she could till Danielle screamed louder than she had before reaching her climax and cumming everywhere. Christine slowly pulled the dildo out of Danielle and licked all her cum off of it.Danielle pulled her close and kissed her."how was that?" asked Christine.Danielle replied "the best ive ever had." Soon they both yawned and decided to have more fun the next day then they both fell asleep.

hardkscock 43M

7/28/2005 1:00 pm

This was a good story, you should write more and post them. You could even write about some of your encounters with people from here

UdderPuttyBiped 37M
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8/16/2005 5:23 am

Well, I hope you aren't just going to stop there...I find it interesting subject material. Where did you get the idea for this?

dallas33emt 51M

8/27/2005 5:14 pm

This story was so incredible i had to join in. Keep it up.

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