A Really Cool Experience  

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6/7/2006 10:40 pm

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A Really Cool Experience

Some of you guys may know of the work of David Steinberg. He was a columnist for the recently-defunct San Francisco alternative magazine "Spectator": his column was titled "Comes Naturally", and consisted of sex-positive essays on politics, art, and his own personal experiences . He is also the editor of two fine books: "Erotic By Nature", a collection of sex-positive essays. erotic stories, erotic poems, and erotic pictures; and "Photo Sex", a collection of fine-art-type sexually explicit photographs.

Anyhow, last Sunday afternoon, June 4, he gave a seminar in which he actually did a sexually explicit photoshoot. Before he began shooting, he explained in detail how he actually takes the pictures, and how he gets his models comfortable with making love while he's moving around them snapping pictures.

The seminar took place in San Francisco, at the Center for Sex and Culture (Google it!); and two of my friends, Desiree and Bill, were his models. He completely succeeded in putting them at ease, and the result was a session of sweet and passionate sexual connection that they said was totally comfortable for them. For me, watching them, (in company with about ten other people), it was a very *beautiful* experience, almost, in fact, a religious experience.

Desiree and Bill are a physically attractive couple, but many of David's photographs are of perfectly ordinary-looking folks. (See David's book "Photo Sex".) By the way, Bill is the male on the front cover of "Photo Sex"--he had modeled for David before, but Desiree hadn't.

I was inspired by the session so much that now I want to learn how to do sexual photography myself--maybe even be a model for David. He uses models of all shapes, ages, and sexual orientations; and I'm discovering a previously unnoticed exhibitionistic component of my own personality.

Although the session was about as physically explicit as you can get, it was also totally non-pornographic. (For how this could be possible, see "Photo Sex".)

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