Nadette's guide part 3  

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7/2/2005 3:02 pm

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Nadette's guide part 3

then afterwards we had coffee and she told me just like that something .. i was so surprised...she told me secretly she is not wearing any underwear! eyes became big becos of the surprise...i didnt know what to say...she laffed and told me she didnt want to tell me before eating .. otherwise i might not eat! haha. very funny i said!!

but i got suddenly so horny thinking..i asked her REALLY???...and why ...she said it is too hot here and also just it feels sexy...she asked me if did not notice ... i told her i cant becos of her shirt..and told her i know she is wering a bra...just to add more joke...we both laffed loudly .. and people looked at us like were crazy...

so then she askd me if i didnt do that...i told her sometimes i do but mostly at home..but one time i went office wearing just tight skirt...and she asked me if itwas fun...i told it was but i went home becos i think my skirt will get wet from my pusy! she laffed for that...and asked secretly if i get so so wet it will ruin the skirt..i told sometimes...i just canot belive i told all that!!

and she is wanting to know why i get wet in the office..i just told that i think sexy thots all the time becos of this one girl in there...and she said she understand...and asked me which one girl..i told about amaanee...and she said yes...she was very sexy looking...

i cannot belive i was so nervos talking like that to nadette...becos i dont know what will happen...i was scared too

...ops! have to type a mail...wait

see u ta ta bi

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