I was 27 yesterday!  

rm_likesit46 70M
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12/13/2005 2:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I was 27 yesterday!

I was 27.
Life was sweet, I was just divorced and all seemed to be what I wanted.

I'm 59 and the world has changed.
Where did all those years go??
Did I blink and time took off??

No, I was busy with my life and things kept on going around me.
All the more reason to go ahead and see what life has to offer today!!

If you think life has passed you by, think again and get into my shoes. I was so busy with daily duties that I forgot who I was and what I really wanted out of my life.

What I want is a woman who can keep me satisfied and make me think of joy when I'm with her AND away from her.

If I dream of cuming in her arms, I've got the world by the ass! What more could any man or woman want! Pure joy, for sure.

Please tell me that you are the woman that can make me cum just by touching you and tasteing you.
God how I want to taste you!!!!!

You are the key! Can You unlock the door?????
Call me!
Baby! I'm a young guy in an older body!
What have you got to offer???
Love you

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